About Our School:

At South Lake Elementary We Truly Believe In And Strive To Achieve..."Success For Every Student". South Lake Elementary opened its doors in the fall of 1972 and is celebrating its 25th anniversary in the 1997/1998 school year. We are located near Lakeforest Mall in the city of Gaithersburg which is part of beautiful north-western Montgomery County, Maryland. Gaithersburg is a suburb of Washington, D.C. To learn more about our location, you can visit the Gaithersburg City Site.

South Lake Elementary School was built in 1972 on 10.2 acres of land which were donated by Kettler Brothers, Inc. The land originally was part of the 412 acre Walker Farm. This farm included parts of what we now know as Cider Mill, Horizon Run Condominiums, the Gaithersburg Library, Montgomery Village Daycare Center, the Verandas Apartments, the Montgomery Village Off-Price Shopping Centers and part of Lakeforest Mall. Milton Kettler married Barbara Walker, who was a niece to the owners of the Walker farm.

The school was constructed as an open school without interior walls. A portion of the school housed the Area III Administrative offices. The school has since created pods of classrooms with walls. In the 1996/1997 school year our classrooms were wired for Internet access, our media center research hub was added, our computer lab was fully upgraded to Macintosh computers, and our Internet web page was implemented.

Our school is now home to approximately 700 students attending Head Start through Grade 5. Our school has active before and after school clubs for homework, artist journals, and computer, along with an activity bus to support transportation for these activities.

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