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Black Eyed Susan Program


Want to get ahead of the game for the 2020-2021 school year?  Here's a link to next year's BES books (with book trailers too!)


What is the BES Program

The BES program is a state wide reading program that allows the students to choose the best book of the year.  There are 10 books in several different categories from which students can choose.  The books offered at SGMS include:
  • Grade 4-6 (quick reads) 
  • Grade 4-6 Graphic Novels
  • Grade 6-9
  • Grade 6-9 Graphic Novels
  • Highs School

In April students have the opportunity along with all the other students in the state of Maryland to vote for which book they think was the best.  Last year over 73,000 students participated 

What do you earn if you participate?

Besides having a lot of fun reading the books, you get to attend the end of the year BES party and vote with the rest of the students in the state for the best book of the year.

How do I participate? 

 Choose a category  
  1. Read 3 books within that category
  2. Describe your favorite scene from the book on the book report form 
  3. That's it!