RHMS RFP Resources: Tectonics

Science Clarified-Volcano 
Continents on the Move 
Multimedia Tour of Plate Tectonics 
Plates on the Move 
Plate Tectonics (Video)
The Science of Earthquakes 
Plates, Plate Boundaries and Driving Forces 
What Causes Volcanos
Plate Tectonics
Plate Tectonics Map
National Park Service-Plate Tectonics 

Cotopaxi National Park, Ecuador (Andes Mountains)

Stratovolcano scroll down to the section on Stratovolcano
About Cotopaxi 

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Yellowstone Disaster Behind Yellowstone 
Swarm of earthquakes in 2010 
Caldera scroll down until you find Yellowstone

Thingvellir National Park, Iceland

Volcanic Landforms do a find (Ctrl F) for Iceland
Understanding Plate Motions 
Formation of Thingvellir 
Geology of Thingvellir 

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii

Types of volcanos do a find(Ctrl F) for Hawaii
How Volcanos in Hawaii formed 
Formation of Hawaii 
Hotspots in Hawaii 

Pinnacles National Monument, California (San Andreas Fault)

Plate Boundary Structure along the San Andreas Fault 
How Pinnacles was formed 
Pinnacles from the National Parks Service
Plate Movement along San Andreas Fault 

Mt St Helens National Volcanic Monument, Washington State

National Volcanic Monument 
Eruption in 1980 
Video of the 1980 eruption
The Geography Site on Mt. St. Helens 

Mt Kilimanjaro, Africa (East African Rift Valley)

Understanding Plate Tectonics do a find (Ctrl F) for Africa 
Formation of Kilimanjaro 
The Guide to Africa: Mt Kilimanjaro 

Dead Sea, Mideast

Formation of Dead Sea 
More on the Dead Sea use links on the page for more information
Geological Significane of the Dead Sea 



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