Richard Montgomery High School Security Team

The Richard Montgomery High School Security Team takes pride in keeping the students and staff at RM safe. Some of our daily duties include checking the exterior doors, hallways, and stairwells, as well as monitor cameras on a regular basis. We also assist teachers with classroom concerns and behavior issues.

If student’s hear or see any activity that they feel is important to the safety of Richard Montgomery, please find a security member and report it as soon as possible.

Lost & Found is located in the Main Office, however if a student has lost an item, they can report it to a security member. Once reports are taken, security will investigate as needed. 

2023-2024 Security Staff Members


Dennis Whalen

Head of Security

Tavaras Cooper

Security Assistant

Matt Schwartzback

Security Assistant

Tim Thompson

Security Assistant

Anthony Woods

Security Assistant

Tajane White

Security Assistant

Michael Mcphatter

In School Intervention 


Rockville City Police

CEO Corporal Tibbs