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Emergency Procedures

Crisis Management & Parent/Child Reunification

RMHS has developed a comprehensive Crisis Management Plan in the event of a man-made or natural disaster. The plan is designed to promote awareness of various emergencies and preparedness for appropriate actions. Basic to an evacuation and emergency plan is identifying the various types of disasters. Natural disasters are defined as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, thunderstorms, tornadoes, and winter storms. Man-made disasters are defined as fire, hazardous materials spills, firearms, utility failures, bombs and bomb threats. Each disaster requires a specific response of evacuation or non-evacuation of the facility.

Below are some steps you can take to help us keep all students safe.  We hope that knowing these procedures are in place will help reassure you and your child that he/she is safe and protected.

In an Emergency

  • The school will utilize the ConnectEd system to send an initial emergency message to parents.

  • Please do not immediately come to the school to pick up your child.  Instead, focus on the available resources for reliable information in order to learn what the school wants you to do. In many scenarios, students would be safest inside the building. In some situations no one will be allowed in the locked building.

  • Please do not try to call the school – we need to keep the lines open for emergency information.  Again, use the resources in place to get the most accurate information.

  • If it becomes necessary to pick up your child in an emergency, the Parent/Child Reunification process will occur on school grounds, in front of the flag pole or in the front lobby, depending upon the type of emergency.  

  • Parents must park in the school parking lot. The main entrance needs to be kept clear for buses or emergency equipment, and to maintain quick egress for everyone. 

  • In the event of evacuation of the property, RM students would be relocated to nearby Elwood Smith Community Center, 601 Harrington Road at Mercer Road (located behind the school).

Parent/Child Reunification

  • Signs will be posted to direct parents/guardians to the reunification area.
  • Staff members will be available for assistance.
  • Staff members will locate and release students to authorized individuals.
  • Parents/guardians will need to sign in.
  • Photo identification will be necessary for anyone picking up a student. 
  • Students will be released to authorized individuals only.

What You Need to Know

  • Update emergency cards annually, and throughout the year as information changes. 
  • Any parent/legal guardian may pick up his/her own child without prior written authorization.
  • Written authorization is required to pick up someone else’s child.  Verbal requests cannot be accepted.    
  • Any individual listed on the emergency card will be authorized to pick up your child in the event of an emergency. 
  • Ask your child to follow instructions received at school during emergencies. 
  • Discuss the reunification plan with your child.

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