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As a result of increased enrollments, the caseloads of some counselors were re-distributed to ensure a balanced and equitable distribution for all counselors. Below is the new alphabetical student list (by last name) assigned to the counselors below. We realize that students and parents have built relationships with former counselors; however, in an effort to ensure the ability to meet the needs of all students, a redistribution is necessary to provide an equitable distribution. Counselors of the class of 2020 (seniors) will be supported by their previously assigned counselor for all college applications, recommendations, etc. Please send an email to your child's counselor if you wish to meet or schedule an appointment to relay any background information to assist with the transition.    

  • Anderson - G, H, I
  • McKelvey - J, N, O, Q, Y, Z
  • Phillips - K
  • Turner - F, M
  • Chen - C, E, X
  • Craft - P, R, U
  • Tremblay - D, T, V
  • Stith - Ba-Ben, S
  • James - Beo-Bz, L
  • LeBright - A, W          

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Be Well Mental Health Fair


Department Head: Antoinette Phillips
Phone: 240-740-6120



The mission of the School Counseling Department at RMHS is to support academic achievement, career planning, interpersonal relationships, personal responsibility, and other skills essential to being a productive citizen. This is accomplished by:....more


New Student Registration

If you need to enroll your child, please contact the counselor directly to set up an appointment.  Prior to the appointment, parents can complete and submit the required enrollment documents.  All required documents must be provided at the time of our appointment.  The documents and immunization requirements can be emailed, faxed or hand delivered prior to the appointment.     

Appointments are required for enrollment and registering for classes during the appointment hours of 8am - 2pm.    


Enrollment paperwork:

Counseling Staff


Counseling Office Secretary

Mrs. Deanne Weiler


 Registrar Mrs. Erin Stamets  
 hull College Career Coordinator Ms. Mary Hull 


Students are assigned to counselors according to the student's last name.  You may email any counselor by clicking on his/her name.

 LeBright Ms. Erica LeBright

A, W
 Chen Ms. Shannon Chen 

C, E, X 
 Dronen Ms. Morgan Tremblay 

D, T, V


Ms. Evan Anderson

G, H, I
 AP Ms. Antoinette Phillips

 Turner Mr. Marcus Turner 

F, M
  image Ms. Terri Stith

Ba-Ben, S
 AD James Mr. Austin-Drake James

Beo-Bz, L
 McKelvey  Ms. Brigid McKelvey

J, N, O, Q, Y, Z
  Craft Mr. Paul Craft 

P, R, U
 image Ms. Karla Lepinsky

ESOL Counselor

Other Counseling Staff


 image Ms. Tawana Harris

Pupil Personnel Worker (PPW)
  image Ms. Lisa Nesson

School Psychologist



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