Staff Directory print

Principal 240-740-6100

Ms. Alicia M Deeny

Principal High

Ms. Laura M Hermansdorfer

Administrative Secretary to the Principal

Assistant Principal 240-740-6100

Ms. Sara Baudry

Assistant Principal (Grade 9)

Ms. Robin L Ebbe Wheeler

Assistant Principal (Grade 12)

Mr. Kevin Jefferson

Assistant Principal (Grade 10)

Mr. Matthew J Martini

Assistant Principal (Grade 11)

Main Office 240-740-6100

Mrs. Susan L Aubertin (Sue)

School Secretary I 10 Month

Ms. Mary L Ayala

School Secretary II 10 Month

Mrs. Debra L Hirrlinger

School Secretary I 10 Month

Mrs. Cathleen J Stec (Cathy)

School Secretary I 10 Month

IB Magnet Office 240-740-6165

Mr. Joseph F Jelen (Joe)

Magnet Coordinator (Grades 9-12)

Ms. Samantha Labastida-resendiz (Sam)

School Secretary II

Ms. Amanda M Trivers

IB DP Coordinator, IB TOK 2

Health Room 240-740-6102

Attendance Office 240-740-6101

Ms. Claire A Wall

School Secretary I 10 Month

Food Services 240-740-6104

Ms. Pey-huey Chang

Cafeteria Worker I

Mr. Junqian Chen

Cafeteria Worker I

Mrs. Zhuohui Chung

Cafeteria Manager III

Ms. Silvia M Granados Gochez

Cafeteria Worker I

Mrs. Meichu Yu

Cafeteria Worker I

Business Office 240-740-6111

Ms. Ozmara K Hernandez

School Business Administrator

Building Services 240-740-6103

Ms. Jenny F Amaya Diaz (Jackie)

Building Service Manager V

Ms. Deysi G Amaya Hernandez

Building Service Worker Sh 2

Mr. Camilo E Arevalo-rayo

Building Service Worker Sh 2

Ms. Diana J Barrera Aguirre

Building Service Worker Sh 1

Ms. Geysi C Bonilla

Building Service Worker Sh 1

Mrs. Gloria D Castro

Bldng Service Wrkr ICB

Ms. Norma Y Diaz

Bldng Svc Asst Mgr II Sh 2

Mrs. Rosa D Fuentes

Building Service Worker Sh 1

Ms. Ana E Maldonado Hernandez

Building Service Worker Sh 2

Ms. Aracely Ochoa Campos

Building Service Worker Sh 2

Ms. Lourdes P Rodriguez De Chicas

Building Service Worker Sh 1

Mr. Victor M Tzoc Ventura (Victor)

Building Service Worker Sh 2

Mrs. Elizabeth Vides

Building Service Worker Sh 1

Mr. Rigoberto Vigil

Building Service Worker Sh 1

Mrs. Min Zhang

Building Service Worker Sh 1

Financial Assistant 240-740-6112

Ms. Ana R Chavez

School Financial Assistant

Counseling Department 240-740-6120

Mrs. Antoinette J Phillips

Counselor Resource (K)

Ms. Evan E Anderson

Counselor (G, H, I)

Mrs. Shannon O Chen

Counselor (C, E)

Ms. Julie Colatrella

Counselor (D, T, Va-Vn)

Mr. Paul W Craft

Counselor (P, R)

Mr. Geoffrey D Finch

Counselor (Ba-Ben, S)

Mrs. Jamie K Freedman

Dual Enrollment Program Assistant (DEPA)

Mrs. Betsy K Galiano

EML Students

Mrs. Erica D LeBright

Counselor (A, U, Vo-Vz, W, X)

Mrs. Megan J Litten

Counselor (Ben-Bz, L, Ma-Maj)

Mrs. Brigid D McKelvey

Counselor (J, N, O, Q, Y, Z)

Dr. Lisa M Nesson

School Psychologist

Mrs. Victoria Ventura

School Secretary II 12 Month

Registrar 240-740-6122

Mrs. Erin M Stamets


Security 240-740-6115

Mr. Dennis A Whalen

Security Team Leader

Mr. Tavares D Cooper

Security Assistant

Mr. Michael J Mcphatter


Mr. Matthew R Schwartzback (Matt)

Security Assistant

Mr. Timothy M Thompson

Security Assistant

Ms. Tajane K White

Security Assistant

Mr. Anthony E Woods

Security Assistant

Staff Development 240-740-6149

Mr. James D Goldsmith (Danny)

Teacher Staff Development

Art 240-740-6157

Mrs. Kimberly J Gould

Photography, Digital Art

Mr. Michael McDermott

Digital Art, AP Art History, Found of Art & Culture

Ms. Kelly Posey

Studio Art, AP/IB 2D Art & Design

Mrs. Katherine M Stanton

Found of Art & Culture, Studio Art 2/2D/Painting

Ms. Amanda L Wall

Teacher Resource (Electives), Ceramics/Adv Ceramics

Ms. Amy J Weaver

Ceramics, Adv Ceramics & Sculptures

Athletic Specialist 240-740-6150

Mrs. Dahlia A Dyson

Athletic Trainer

Mr. Daniel L Whitlow II

Athletic Specialist

Career Center 240-740-6135

Ms. Lisa A Miller

College/Career Info Coord

Choral Music 240-740-6148

Ms. Sidney V Clarke-Lequerique

Chorus, Guitar, AP Music History

Computer Science 240-740-5951

Mrs. Kimberly L Gustin

AP Computer Science, Website Development, Foundation of Tech

Dr. Heather Hennis

AP Computer Science, AP CS Java

Dr. Philip J Piety

Found of Comp Sci, IB Comp Sci, Comp Programming

DELME 240-740-6113

Ms. Monica T Ajlouny (Perez)

DELME Eng 9/10, Eng lang develop

Ms. Elizabeth B Fuhrman

Resource Teacher, English 9/10, Eng Development

Mrs. Jessica L Goldstein (Jessica)

Hon Eng 9, 10

Mrs. Tricia R Nunez

Hon English 11, Eng Lang Dev

Ms. Sakineh M Roodsari

Eng 9/10, US History, Resource

Mrs. Rositsa A Shtereva

Earth Sys & Sus, ELP Chemistry, Eng 9/10 for Eng Lrners

Ms. Eva K Sullivan

Hon Eng 11 & 12

English 240-740-6154

Mr. James C Agnew

English 9, 12

Ms. Margretta Browne

Hon English 10, 12

Mr. Jason W Bunyan

Hon Eng 9, IB Film

Ms. Molly A Clarkson

Hon English 9

Mr. David M Dumas

Hon English 10, AP Lang & Comp

Ms. Jennifer M Eaton

Hon Eng 9

Ms. Nadine M Finau

Hon Eng 10, Resource

Ms. Marcy Fine

Hon English 10, Hon Eng 12

Ms. Katherine Fliakas

Hon English 11, AP Lit & Comp

Mr. Grant S Goldstein

Teacher Resource, IB Eng Lang

Mrs. Carolyn Greenspon

Hon Eng 9, Hon Eng 11

Ms. Stephanie Halloran

English 9, AP Lang & Comp, IB TOK

Mrs. Sara A Hashem Liles

English 9, Theater

Ms. Jennifer A Kidd

Hon English 10, Journalism, Yearbook

Mr. Jeremy C Koenig

Hon English 10, TOK2

Ms. Susan T Leckie

Hon English 9, AP Lit & Comp, IB Lit

Ms. Miranda E Mclain

RMS English 9, Hon Eng 10, Creative Writing

Mr. Michael P Oakes

Hon English 11, RMS Eng 10

Mrs. Bonnie H Peyer

Hon English 10, IB English Lit, IB TOK 1

Ms. Kirsten R Romm

English Composition Assistant

Ms. Eleanor R Simpson

AP Lang & Comp, Hon Eng 10

Ms. Robin J Strickler

Hon Eng 12, IB Eng Lang & Lit

Instrumental Music 240-740-6145

Mr. Mark P Koons

Guitar, Piano, Music Theory

Dr. Peter J Perry


ITSS 240-740-6100

Mrs. Olayemi A Onaghise

IT Systems Specialist

Mathematics 240-740-6156

Mr. Robert C Barnhart


Mr. Markos E Beyaregaw

Hon Algebra, Precalculus, Financial Math

Ms. Mi Hyang Chung (Amy)

Geometry, 2Y Algebra

Mr. Matthew J Davis

AP BC Calculus, IB Analysis Stats Calc

Ms. Josephine V De La Oliva

Geometry, Algebra 1

Mrs. Angela J Engelmann

Precalculus, Algebra 2

Mathematics 240-740-6156

Ms. Laura D Goetz

IB Precalculus, AP Calculus

Mr. Benjamin F Gruenspecht

Hon Algebra 2, 2Y Algebra, Precalculus

Ms. Grace C Kim

AP AB Calculus, Hon Precal, Financial Math

Mr. Stephen W Kuhn

Financial Math, Statistics, Personal Finance

Ms. Emily Liang

Alg 1, Hon Alg 2

Mrs. Heidi E Neto

IB Pre Cal, IB AN/AP, Hon Alg 2

Mr. Jeffrey Sanders

Calc with Apps, MAPS, Statistics

Mr. Brian Schuler

AP Stat, IB Analysis Stats Calc

Ms. Junling Song (Juliet)

Hon Alg 2, Hon Pre Calculus, AP AB Calculus

Ms. Sandhya Sundaram

Hon Geometry, Algebra 1

Mrs. Shahrzad Tabarzadi

Financial Math, Geometry

Ms. Hannah E Vogel

2 Yr Algebra 2, IB An/App Functions

Mr. Patrick C Wainwright

2Y Alg 2, IB App Stats Calc, IB Pre Calc

Mr. Tony Wong

Algebra 2, Financial Math, AP Stats

Media Center 240-740-6144

Dr. Michelle M Alexander

Media Specialist

Ms. Michelle H Oneil

Media Asst./Counseling Asst.

Mr. Andrew J Potvin

Media Services Technician

Mrs. Magda J Rabbat

Media Assistant

Middle Years Program 240-740-6165

Ms. Molly A Clarkson

MYP Coordinator

Physical Education-Boys 240-740-6143

Mr. Steven D Puhl (Steve)

Hon Health, Soccer

Mr. Randy L Thompson

Hon Health, Basketball, Found Fitness

Mr. Matthew T Wheeler

Dept. Chair, Weight Training, IB Sport Exer/Health

Physical Education-Girls 240-740-6143

Mrs. Barbara A Contino

Hon Health Education, Weight Training

Ms. Lindsy A Muchnock

Hon Health, Fitness Sport PE, Basketball

Mrs. Erica M Puhl

Hon Health, Net Sports, Volleyball

Mrs. Patricia G Wayerski

Hon Health, Yoga, Net Sports

Mrs. Aryn N Wheeler

Found of Fitness, Volleyball, Weight Training, Hon Health

Science 240-740-6158

Ms. Allison G Adams

Biology, Anatomy & Phys

Mrs. Bessy R Albaugh

RMS, IB Biology

Mr. Stuart O Albaugh

IB Chemistry, Chemistry

Mr. Michael L Ashmead

Hon, AP Chemistry

Mrs. Stacey M Boccher

Teacher Resource, AP Environmental Science

Mrs. Molly M Estrada

Bio, IB Enviro System

Mr. Akshay Gandhi

RMS Chemistry, IB Chemistry

Ms. Deirdre S Garahan

Hon Physics, Earth Systems

Mr. Charles J Goetz III (Jon)

AP/IB Physics

Ms. Siyan Gu

Chemistry, Hon Chemistry

Mrs. Renee L Harmon

Biology AP & Honors

Mrs. Katherine Hatchard

Hon Biology, Chemistry

Dr. Karl F Kovacs

Forensics, Biology

Mr. Kevin R Martz

Astronomy w/ Physics, Engineering

Ms. Eleanor Park

Hon Chemistry, Earth Sys & Sus

Mr. John S Pisanic

Astro w/ Physics

Ms. Megan Shaw

Biology, Hon Biology

Dr. Wendy O Sparks

IB Biology, Chemistry

Mrs. Elisabeth A Vincent (Lissa)

Hon Physics, IB Physics

SESES (ED) Program 240-740-6152

Ms. Rachel M Furr

Human Behavior, US History, Mod World History, NSL Gov't

Mrs. Michelle Griffin-carter

Alg 1, 2 & Geometry

Ms. Susan M Kort


Mrs. Lali Koshy

Paraeducator Spec Ed

Mr. Kolawole B Ojo

Paraeducator Spec Ed

Mrs. Julie Oldham

Social Worker - 10 Month

Mrs. Rosa M Somarriba

Paraeducator Spec Ed

Mrs. Takeeta A Taylor


Mrs. Brianna B Uribe-Ramos

English 9, 10, 11, 12

Ms. Jocelyn J Watson


Mr. Edward W Wright

Paraeducator Spec Ed

Social Studies 240-740-6142

Mr. Peter D Beach

US History, AP US History

Mr. Todd A Brenner

Hon NSL Gov't

Mr. David A Breslaw

Hon Modern World History, IB Global Politics, Internships

Ms. Paula A Cano Hernandez

Hon US History, Hon Modern World

Ms. Rebecca M Garrigues

Hon Modern World, AP World History

Mr. Noah Grosfeld-Katz

NSL Government, TOK

Mr. Patrick J Heeg

World History, IB History

Mr. Charles J Holt

Hon& AP World, NSL Govt

Ms. Andrea M Lyons

AP Human Geography, AP Gov't Politics

Ms. Lisa J MacFarlane

Hon & AP US History, Women's Studies

Mr. Nathaniel Mason

Hon US History, AP US History

Mr. Carlos Montalvan

AP Psychology, IB Social Anthropology

Ms. Amber M Myren

Hon/US History

Mr. John G Pearce

US History, AP US History, Sociology

Mr. Todd E Stillman

Teacher Resource, IB History 2, Hon US History

Mr. Jonathan E Taylor

AP Gov't US NSL, Law

Mr. Robert S Thomas

IB History 1, IB Philosophy

Mr. William Vicari

NSL Gov't, AP Gov't & Politics

Ms. Sharon Vires

Hon US History, AP Psychology

Special Education 240-740-6141

Mr. Paul P Apostolidis


Ms. Gigi Babu

Biology , Resource

Mr. John Boyd


Mrs. Nadege Brooks

Resource Program/Connections

Ms. Gloria M Bustamante

Paraeducator, Spec Ed

Mr. Nicholas Coates

Geometry, Resource

Ms. Jaclyn M Cular

Hon, English 9, Resource

Mr. Glenn A Del Favero

NSL Government, Resource

Mr. Zachary D Etheridge (Zack)

Academic Reading, Hon Eng 10

Mrs. Nelida Gama

Paraeducator Spec Ed

Ms. Lisa M O'Brien

Teacher Sp Ed Transition

Mrs. Alessandra C Pope

Paraeducator Spec Ed

Mr. Wesley E Pulley

Paraeducator Spec Ed

Ms. Sheryl A Raskin Dismuke

Spec Education Resource Teacher (RTSE)

Ms. Sarah Rawasia


Mr. Sean P Richards

Alg 1, Resource

Ms. Ninni S Simpson


Mrs. Laurence Toumkam


Speech 240-740-6164

Mrs. Sheryl J Stevens

Speech Pathologist

Technology Education 240-740-5951

Mr. Shawn Ackley

Foundations of Tech, Eng Design

Mr. Kurt R Oelschlaeger

Teacher Resource, Found of Tech, Adv Tech Apps

Mr. Chamara U Wijeratne (Chamy)

Foundation of Tech

World Languages 240-740-6136

Mr. Jason E Colchao

Hon, IB Spanish 4, S4SP/RMS/IB Spanish 3

Mrs. Amy A Crumrine

American Sign Language

Mrs. Sara J Ezeonu

Teacher Resource, Spanish 1, RMS Span 3, Spanish 3

Ms. Florence Falloux

Hon, RMS French 3, Hon, AP, IB French 5, French 6/IB, French

Ms. Carmen Gonzalez Pescador

AP Spanish 5, IB Spanish 7

Mrs. Laura A Hodge

Hon & IB Spanish

Mr. Derek A Letourneau

French 1, 2, Hon French 4

Ms. Nilma Maria Martin Antonetti

Spanish for Spanish Speakers 2, 3, AP Spanish

Ms. Katelyn C Mehrling

Spanish 1 & 2

Ms. Marianne Pagos

Latin 1, 2, 3, Hon Latin 4, AP Latin 4

Ms. Margaret Poo

Chinese 1-7, IB/AP & RMS

Ms. Amber D Veltri

RMS/Hon Spanish 3, Spanish 5