Potomac Elementary School Media Club, "The Potomac Beat!"  


 Media Club

Media Club is a service position open to any 5th grade student. Students make a commitment in the spring as 4th graders, and then serve during their 5th grade year starting in the fall. Students in Media Club are responsible for delivering the school news and announcements. Media Club contributes to Potomac's ongoing digital vido archive of academic and community events. Students in media club learn basic journalism. They also learn how to improve their communication and technology skills by sharing and delivering information via the medium of video. Potomac Beat is a weeky television program that broadcasts student work and announcements over a CCTV signal within the school building. Students in Media Club rotate through all the positions required to make the show: Anchor, Camera director, Audio Engineer, Graphics director, and script manager. Shows are broadcast on Fridays, recorded, and securely archived on Youtube.com. Potomac Beat and links to other school video materials can then be provided to staff, parents, or the community as required or by request. 


 Potomac Beat Spotlight!

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The Rubin Family, as well as the PES Family are proud to give the 'Potomac Beat Spotlight' to PES students Renuka Rubin (grade 4) and Araliya Rubin (grade 2). They are pictured in a new National Geographic book called Little Kids First Book of the World where they draw like Michelangelo, observe like Jane Goodall and jump like a kangaroo (pages 59, 93, 108 and 109).                                                                           

They had a great time with the photo shoot and are so happy to be helping support National Geographic's conservation work. The book is available for reviewing in the Media Center, but if you would like to support the National Geographic's conservation work, the book can be purchased at

                                                                                                   Nilmini Gunaratne Rubin and Tracey Watson


 Some Sample Potomac Beat Projects