Arts Integration



As an arts integration learning community, we will engage, create, and problem solve as active critical thinkers, using the arts to make connections and gain a deeper understanding of the world and our environment.The arts, including theater, music, and visual arts are visible from kindergarten through fifth grade.

What is Arts Integration?

Arts Integration is a teaching approach that incorporates the indicators of an arts curriculum as well as other content areas. Natural connections are made between subjects within lessons.  Each enhances the topic. 

Arts Integration Program

Potomac Elementary has an artists-in-residence program which is sponsored by the PTA. The residencies vary from poetry to painted murals and add a component to the program where students can work with poets and artists. Our partnerships with these artists have created permanent art pieces for our school, which enhance the environment for students, staff, and the community. Students develop a deeper appreciation for art, because they are involved in the creation of permanent works.