Welcome to the Potomac Elementary School Library Media Center!

  Future Ready Library

A Future Ready Library

  • Inspires and supports the reading lives of both students and teachers
  • Curates Digital Resources
  • Builds Instructional Partnerships
  • Empowers Students as Creators
  • Facilitates Personalized Professional Learning
  • Ensures Equitable Digital Access
  • Invests Strategically in Digital Resources
  • Cultivates Community Partnerships
  • Advocates for Student Privacy
  • Leads Beyond the Library
  • Designs Collaborative Spaces
Mrs. Heidi Hazel: Media Specialist            
Mrs. Ruei-Chi She: Media Assistant

Online Services and Digital Subscription

Print and E-Books




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Reference and Databases





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Research Tools

Subscription Apps

Media Center Offerings and Services 

    The PES Media Center offers:
  •  14,000+ print and digital materials
  •  Chromebook access 
  •  Multiple online databases and eBooks (with home access)
  •  Black - Eyed Susan Reading Program
  •  Television Studio
  •  Technology Support

Finding Books in the Media Center     

  •  Students use the patron’s catalog to search for books by author, title, subject, or key words.
  •  Everybody books and fiction books are organized alphabetically according to author’s last name.
  •  Nonfiction books are organized numerically according to the Dewey Decimal Classification System.
  •  Biographies are organized by the last name of the individual.
  •  Some books such as series books, graphic novels, and foreign language materials are displayed as special collections.
  • eBooks can be located in the patron's catalog and accessed via app (individual) and multi-use (at home passwords provided through classroom teacher or by request)

Media Center Schedule

The media center is open to students every day from 8:50 am - 3:15 pm. Media Lessons are provided according to the master school schedule. Students may check out books when their classroom teachers bring them to the Media Center. If students want to return, renew, or check out materials, they may come anytime during the day with their classroom teachers permission.   

Book Check-Out Policy and Procedure

These are the guidelines for checking out books:

  • Students may check out two print books at time plus two eBooks (individual automated checkout and return) and unlimited multi-use eBooks.
  • If a student has any print overdue materials, their check out privileges are suspended until the material is returned or the fine is paid.
  • All print materials are checked out for two weeks. However, a student may bring his/her book back at any time for an exchange or renewal.
  • Students may renew books as long as there are no reserves placed on the book.
  • Reference materials remain in the media center for everyone’s use. Please see the media specialist for questions about reference materials.

 Lost/Damaged/Overdue Books

The policy for lost, damaged or overdue books is as follows:

  • If a book(s) is 2 weeks overdue, students will lose check out privileges until the book(s) is returned.
  • If a book(s) is more than a month overdue, media center staff will call the parent or guardian to ask for help in locating and returning the material(s).
  • If a book is lost, a notice will be sent home to the parent or guardian with the price of the book.
  • Fines are not assessed for late books.

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