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In order to keep parents informed about our renovation and modernization, we will be providing updates as information becomes available.

The Radnor School

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Radnor School Water Testing Results, September 2018   


Dear Parents,


Recently, on behalf of the PTA, Mrs. Stacey Shenker, Potomac PTA President requested that our superintendent review and reconsider the plans for our schools planned move to Radnor scheduled for July 2018. Dr. Smith was asked to examine some questions and concerns around transportation, and the exploration of an alternate holdings facility, including the delay of our project.

Click here for the response from our superintendent Dr. Jack Smith. Dr. Smith has recommended that our project remain on schedule and we will be moving to Radnor in July of this year.  We appreciate Mrs. Shenker's advocacy on behalf of the many families who have raised questions about this project.

While we recognize that there are a range of interests and questions about this project, our staff remains committed to ensuring the move and our experience in the holding center is one that is marked by operational and instructional excellence. 

We look forward to continuing to hear your questions and concerns so that we can address them as we move forward and look forward to the new building being constructed.


Thank you,


Catherine Allie, Ed.D.



 School Start Time Letter

 Rendering of the New School

May 2018 Update

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 July 2017 Update:


Dear Potomac Elementary Staff, Students, and Families,


On July 11, the Board of Education voted to approve the preliminary plans for Potomac Elementary School.  The Board voted in support of an off site project whereby our school will be relocated to Radnor Elementary School as the holding school during the duration of the project.  We will vacate our current building in June 2018 for 18 months with a return to a new facility in January 2020.


The Board presentation materials, including the render animation of the proposed school design and brochure are available hereNow that the Board has approved the plan to proceed with construction while students are at Radnor Elementary School, the MCPS construction team will further engage with the school community around the future design of the school. The project plans are preliminary, as there is much more design work in the months ahead that will entail continued engagement with key stakeholders, including the PTA, community, and staff.  We expect that the design plans will continue to evolve based on further input and engagement with stakeholders.


We know there are continued questions about logistical components of this project including bus transportation and Radnor Elementary as the holding school.  We will continue to work with MCPS, staff, and community partners to finalize details in the coming months.  Please look for dates and information in our back to school information at the start of school.


We hope you have a restful summer and look forward to seeing you in September!

Catherine Allie, Ed.D.


May 2017 Update:


Dear Potomac ES Families:


I am writing to update you on the status of our upcoming revitalization/expansion construction project.  Following our community design meetings this winter, MCPS staff conducted a thorough analysis of whether it would be feasible for Potomac Elementary School to remain onsite during construction.  This afternoon, the Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Andrew Zuckerman, met with me, my leadership team, and representatives of the PTA to share with us his recommendation that Potomac Elementary School will relocate to the Radnor Holding Center for the period of construction, beginning in the 2018-2019 school year.  Click here  for Dr. Zuckerman's letter communicating this recommendation, along with the comprehensive analysis of the onsite and offsite options.


I understand that some families in our school community may have different views about this recommendation.  I assure you that I will work with my colleagues in the Department of Facilities Management to get the Radnor Center ready to house our school community and to ensure a smooth transition to Radnor.  I am confident that our students, staff, and families will have a successful school experience there together, and I look forward to continuing to plan for an outstanding Potomac Elementary School facility that will serve our community for many years to come. 


Thank you for your continued support of Potomac Elementary School. 




                                                    Catherine R. Allie, Ed.D.





The information below is provided to update you on the status of planning for our Potomac Elementary renovation and modernization. 


Stage 1:  DESIGN


We are currently in the design stage.  Four meetings have been held to get feedback on a range of proposed designs.  The meeting collected feedback and suggestions on potential improvements and pros and cons.  Three different feasible concepts have been presented.


o   A complete tear down and rebuild (students off-site)

o   A partial tear down and rebuild (students off-site)

o   Construction while occupied (students on-site). 


Next steps will be to schedule an additional meeting for the architect to present options that improve previous concepts or develop new concepts based on the feedback received. Additional meetings are likely to be scheduled in late February and early March. 


The architect will present and outline all pros and cons and narrow in on the concept that will solve as many design goals as possible.


MCPS Superintendent, Dr. Smith has asked the MCPS team to explore the feasibility of a same sight construction project.




While we know there is an interest in learning more about bell times, transportation schedules, recess, lunch, arrival/dismissal, and other factors related to the holding school, the design meetings are not intended to explore those particular issues. If you have questions about the implications to the instructional program based on same site or off site project locations, please let us know. 


To offer some preliminary information about Radnor and to address some of the questions that have been raised.  Please see general facility information below.


o   Number of classrooms in the building: 16

o   Total square footage: 36, 663 (Compared to 57,713 at Potomac)

o   Site size 9.03 acres (Compared to 9.6 acres at Potomac)

o   Number of relocatable classrooms currently: 23* (Some may be removed if needed elsewhere)


Before and After Care:   MCPS staff have spoken to the current before and after care service provider regarding the Radnor center option.  They said if they are still on contract during the modernization they would not only extend operational hours to accommodate parents but also bus students to a closer facility if that was preferred. 


 If you have questions or would like more information please see this link


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