Arts Integration at Potomac ES

The PTA has supported the arts through funding artists-in-residence experiences with our children. These artists work closely with the teachers and the students to incorporate their art form with the curriculum. Fourth graders worked with Karen O. Brown to create artwork depicting sound waves. Fifth graders collaborated with a playwright and wrote and performed original plays. We will continue to work with artists-in-residence. Kindergarten, first grade, and second grade collaborated with our very own vocal music teacher, Mrs. Suzana Basaric to create songs about science, different cultures of the world and other topics.

We also support art for arts sake in the classroom with specialists every week. Suzanna Bazaric, music teacher, Alex Mueck, physical education teacher, and Tori Wenger, art teacher, are the resources for arts integration in the classroom as well as teaching the students the skills to appreciate the arts and giving them the knowledge based in the curriculum. All grade levels perform at Potomac every year. It gives them confidence and needed performance skills that will be a part of their experiences through their school lives and into retirement! 


 5th Grade Playwriting


 Plays 1 

 plays 2 





2nd Grade 



 opera 2 



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