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The future of the Arts at Potomac 

Integrating the Arts into the Curriculum 

As you know, 6 additional teachers received Certificates of Study for their participation in the Kennedy Center’s Changing Education through the Arts (CETA) program at a special awards ceremony and reception at the Kennedy Center. Through the Kennedy Center’s CETA program, teachers study with their colleagues in courses and workshops led by expert teaching artists and arts educators. They learn about the arts and ways to integrate the arts into their teaching through a range of programs designed to meet their varying needs, interests, and experience. In-depth programs take place in Kennedy Center partner schools that have committed to a school-wide focus on arts integration. 

We have had courses at Potomac such as Lyric Writing in the Classroom, Reading Portraits as Biographies, and Tableau, a drama technique, with implications for all courses across subject areas.  


Next Year  

Many of our teachers have taken a course or two every year over the years. They integrate the arts when there are natural connections in the curriculum MCPS have integrated arts into the curriculum as well. During the writing of the curriculum arts specialists were part of the team to create this dynamic curriculum. We just interviewed a teacher for next year, and she shared many classroom lessons that incorporated many of these arts integration strategies. Teachers can continue to take course at the Kennedy Center and we can host a class at Potomac in the future. The work will go on. 


The PTA has supported the arts in many ways. Not only did they support the professional work with the Kennedy Center with funds; they also funded artists-in-residence. These artists work closely with the teachers and the students to incorporate their art form with the curriculum. Fourth graders worked with a puppeteer this year as they created biographies, third graders worked with Synectic Theater to create myths without words. Kindergarten students worked with Yvette Lewis with a program, “So This is Opera”, and Fifth graders collaborated with a playwright and wrote and performed original plays. We will continue to work with artists-in-residence. 



We also support art for arts sake in the classroom with specialists every week. Suzanna Bazaric, music teacher, and Tori Wenger, art teacher, are the resources for arts integration in the classroom as well as teaching the students the skills to appreciate the arts and giving them the knowledge based in the curriculum. All grade levels perform at Potomac every year. It gives them confidence and needed performance skills that will be a part of their experiences through their school lives and into retirement! The PTA supports the arts at Potomac as well by increasing the supply of very expensive Orff instruments and other materials and resources that are not supported by the county. 


 5th Grade Playwriting


 Plays 1 

 plays 2 


Arts Reflection Night sponsored by the PTA

Arts 1      Arts 2   Arts 3 

2nd Grade Opera

opera 1r 


 opera 2 

Tableau with Kindergarten and 5th Grade


tableau 2
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