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Instrumental Music Registration (Links to an external site.)

Dear Students, Parents & Guardians,

As we embark on this journey of virtual teaching and learning together, I want to encourage students to take the opportunity to learn a musical instrument!

In Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS), students in fourth and fifth grades can participate in Instrumental Music as a pull-out program during the normal school day. Students then have the opportunity to enroll in various Instrumental Music elective classes (such as band, orchestra, and jazz ensemble) in middle and high school. Usually as the school year begins, the Instrumental Music Teachers at the elementary schools will meet with the fourth and fifth grade students to introduce them to the Instrumental Music program, demonstrate the various instruments, give students a chance to try the instruments, and distribute registration information.

Although we are disappointed that we can not do this in person this year, it is still important for you to start thinking about registering for the program (Links to an external site.) and selecting an instrument. To that end, we have put together this website for students and parents/guardians to explore. You can listen to examples of each instrument, complete an online registration form that will be sent to your school's Instrumental Music teacher, and find a list of stores in Montgomery County where you can rent a band or orchestra instrument.

Once you have completed the registration form (Links to an external site.), your school's Instrumental Music teacher will be in touch with next steps, including more information on instrument distribution or rental.

During a typical year the requirements for success on an instrument would include:

  • Weekly attendance at small group lessons once per week during the school day.

  • Regular, consistent, daily and weekly practice of assignments.

  • Being prepared with all materials for every lesson/rehearsal.

We know that learning to play an instrument is a very important step for a child's development of a lifelong appreciation for music. Additionally, during the pandemic, music has provided many with an outlet of relief, focus and joy. We hope that your child will participate in this enriching program. If you have any questions, please contact Pine Crest's instrumental music teacher, Helen Ahn (

Phil Barnes
Coordinator of Instrumental Music & Theatre
Montgomery County Public Schools


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