Linkages to Learning is a community school partnership with an integrated focus on health, social services, community engagement and leadership to support student learning, strong families, and healthy communities.

We are an award-winning prevention and intervention initiative established by the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services (MCDHHS), MCPS and local public and private nonprofit agencies.

Linkages to Learning assists students and their families by providing or connecting them to services and resources that address the social, economic, health, and emotional issues that may interfere with student success. We assist whole school communities by bringing additional partners and resources into the school house to offer a range of supports and opportunities to students and families.

Pine Crest ES Linkages to Learning Contacts

Jessica Migler Family & Child Therapist 240-468-7683
Roxana Rodriguez Family Case Manager 240-740-1958
Sandro Herrera School Coordinator 240-356-8835