Schools are CLOSED on April 22, and PCES will have PCES will have an Asynchronous Learning Day!


  • Monday, April 22 will be an asynchronous day of learning for all students in Montgomery County Public Schools.
  • On the Thursday prior (April 18), students will receive a mini-packet of math and reading work that should be completed during the asynchronous day.
  • The asynchronous work will review major grade-level concepts and skills that students have previously been exposed to this year.
  • The expectation is that students complete their work and return it to their homeroom teacher within ten days.
  • In addition, we have also prepared a choice board with enriching activities that students can engage with on the computer. Whereas the math and reading work are required, the choice board is optional (but recommended!) The choice board is found here:  

    A couple of important notes:
  • Students will have ten school days to complete any missing work from the asynchronous day.  This mitigates issues with connectivity, difficulty logging in or understanding the work, or other unanticipated issues that could arise on a virtual learning day.
  • Materials will be posted on and sent home with students.
  • Virtual days will not negatively impact a student’s grade.  There will be meaningful opportunities for students to make up work outside of virtual learning.
  • Attendance will be taken for all students. Initially, all students will be marked as present, then teachers will update attendance information for any student that does not complete the assignments in a 10-day window.  This mitigates issues with connectivity, difficulty logging in or understanding the work, or other unanticipated issues that could arise on a virtual learning day.

If you have any questions, please let your child(ren)'s classroom teacher(s) or the front office know. 





Code Purple (código púrpura)



Code PURPLE explained (¿Qué es Code Purple?)

  • Transitioning to virtual learning is considered when the impacting event is predictable, part of a multi-day scenario such as a blizzard, or when prior communication with families, students and staff can take place. 
  • The decision to offer virtual learning will be announced by noon the day prior. 
  • Messages from schools will remind families that it is a required school day and how to log in to classes. 
  • In order to allow time for students and staff to adjust, log in and access resources on an inclement weather virtual learning day, all instruction will begin two hours later than the school's normal bell schedule. 
  • There will be a minimum of four hours of synchronous (live) instruction. 
  • Attendance will be taken. 
  • Students who are unable to connect will receive an excused absence, and given an opportunity to make up work.




Given that MCPS has used all of our snow days, code purple could be a reality in the near future. Please see critical information below. Classroom teachers will also send out their links and schedules.

Dado que MCPS ha utilizado todos nuestros días de nieve, el código púrpura podría ser una realidad en un futuro cercano. Por favor vea información crítica abajo. Los maestros de aula también enviarán sus enlaces y horarios.


  • PCES Code Purple Virtual Learning Hub
  • If your child(ren) needs a chromebook for virtual learning, please fill out this Google Form. Your child will NOT be given a chromebook without submitting this form. (Si su hijo(s) necesita un chromebook para el aprendizaje virtual, por favor complete este formulario de Google. Su hijo NO recibirá un chromebook sin enviar este formulario.)
  • Click here for PCES Code Purple Schedule 

If you need to make a request for mifi, please fill out this Google Form. (Si necesita hacer una solicitud para mifi, por favor complete este formulario de Google.)