Media Center staff:

Suzanne Jacobs, Media Specialist  

Judi Miedzinski, Media Assistant       


DestinyStudents learn how to use the Patron's Catalog, so that they may search for and locate materials for pleasure or research. As part of their regular media instruction, students learn how to take notes, create a bibliography, search databases, evaluate the quality of a website, and many other skills necessary for accessing and using information in an ethical manner in today's complex, information-rich world.


Access the Pine Crest patron's catalog by clicking on the Destiny icon and then clicking on "Pine Crest Elementary". Students can log in to their accounts by typing in their student ID and password.

Online Resources

Online resources for help with research and other homework can be accessed from any computer with internet access. 


Policies and Procedures

Students visit the media center every week with their homeroom class and may also bring a library pass to visit the media center whenever it is open. Books are due 2 weeks after they are checked out. Students may not check out if they have an overdue or lost book. Payment for lost books should be immediate so that students' checkout privileges may be reinstated.