Pine Crest History

Pine Crest old school photo 

Date   Event  
1878 A man named George N. Beale bought the land where the school is now.
1940 A location was picked for a new school called South Four Corners. It was on St. Lawrence Drive (formerly called Mathew Street)
1941 The land for the school was purchased and building began.
1942 South Four Corners Elementary School opened. It was for Kindergarten to 3rd Grade.
Another school called North Four Corners also opened with 4th to 6th Grade. Together, the schools had 220 students- and they were already crowded.
1947 More rooms were added to the building.
1948 The name of South Four Corners was changed to Pine Crest Elementary. Now it had grades K-6. The land by the school was like a park with Pine trees and a stream running through it.
1954 The blacktop was first put in.
1963 A library and an office were added to the building.
1976 Pine Crest became a paired school with Montgomery Knolls. Pine Crest had grades 3-6.
1991 Pine Crest was housed at Northwood. Renovations were made to the building.
1992 Pine Crest students went back to the "new" modernized building.

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