Health Room



The Department of Health and Human Services, School Health Services (SHS) in partnership with MCPS provides services to assure the health, safety and well-being of students at W.T Page Elementary School

Covid 19 

Covid-19 cases are on the rise again. Please review the Health and Safety COVID-19 reminders in the newsletter and remember to report the cases using the following MCPS Link - MCPS COVID-19 Google Reporting Form. Continue to inform your child's classroom teacher if your student is positive with COVID-19 and remember to also inform the main office staff, Mrs. Linda Lewis, nurse and Ms. Tierra Riggs, Health Tech


Health Room Phone: 301-989-5672

Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m


Welcome to Page ES Health Room.  The Health room staff are here to provide your child with basic health care while they are here in school.  Our services provide basic first aid, brief rest when needed,  medication administration, and health teaching.


Your School Health Nurse is Linda Lewis RN, BSN.   Linda is available on Tuesdays, in person, and by phone as needed.

Your School Health Room Technician is available during school hours, Monday through Friday.

Any medication you would like your child to have at school must have the 525 form completed.  In Part I of the 525 form the parent signs to give the health room staff  your permission to administer the medication.  Part II of the 525 form must be completed by the Health Care Provider and is the medical order to give the medication or treatment to your child.  The nurse may contact the parent and  physician to best serve your childs medical needs.  Part III of the 525 form is completed by the School Health Nurse, who assures that the medical orders are clear, the pharmacy has labeled the medication appropriately, and you have agreed to the administration of the medication and or treatment.  There are 3 different 525 forms.

The 525-12 is the form for treatments.   For example if your child’s pediatrician wants your child to have nebulizer treatments at school when needed.

The 525-13 is the form for any medication, including over the counter medicines.

The 525-14 is the form for Anaphylaxis medication, epi-pens.

You can print these forms before taking your child to their  Pediatrician, or pick the forms up in the School Health Room.


If your child becomes ill or is injured at school,  you will be called and asked to take your child to their Pediatrician, or to home.   Please make sure we have accurate and updated contact information for you and your emergency back up.


Wishing you and your children good health!

Linda Lewis