Northwood HS Internship Program
Internship Coordinator
Nadine Hecht

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What is an Internship?
A paid or unpaid career-focused work experience in fields such as business, government, social/public service, health care, education.  The internship lasts a school year and you receive school credit for your work experience.

Search for a job that will add to your college resume!  Something to be proud of! 
Each career-related job you have, builds the skills that allow you to find a job in your field AND puts you ABOVE the rest of the applicants.

How do I become an Intern?
You must fill out this application in your Junior year prior to class registration.  The application includes a Resume, Cover Letter and Essay (why do you want to become an intern?)

Other requirements include:

  • Excellent attendance record.
  • Be academically eligible with 2.0 GPA.
  • Attend workshops to prepare for your job search.
  • Parents must attend a meeting in March in order for you to participate.
  • Conduct your own job search, securing a job by mid-August.
  • You must provide your own transportation to and from work.
  • Cannot have a Bridge Project to complete in your Senior year.

How many hours a week do I work?  How many classes do I take?

3 Internship Periods (off period 5,6,7)
3 hours/day; 15 hours/week; 225 hours/semester

2 Internship Periods (off period 6,7)
2 hours/day; 10 hours/week; 150 hours/semester

1 Internship Period (off period 7)
1 hour/day or combined to multiple hours less days per week
5 hours/week; 75 hours/semester

  • Time spent commuting to work does not count - Your day could be longer than a school day!
  • Work hours are done during the week

Add to your Senior experience!  Are you interested in:
Gaining new skills and experience that you can use for future jobs and classes?
Test driving a career before you commit to a college major or job?
Strengthening your Resume and College Applications?
Apply to the Internship Program NOW to make this part of your schedule for next year.

Pictures of Interns at Work
Community Bridges non-profit
Doctor’s Office
County Council Office
Dentist Office
Holy Cross Hospital
Law Office 
Linkages to Learning
Real Estate
Elementary Schools
Small businesses
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory