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 Grade 6

WS 6 - Caesar - Hero or Tyrant?     

WS 6 - Ancient Greece  

WS 6 -- Latitude and Longitude  

WS 6 --Ancient Egypt

 Grade 7

World Studies 7 Links  

WS 7 African Societies  

WS7 Terra Cotta Pot Project    

WS7 Renaissance Style  

WS7 Ice Age/ Global Warming Project 

Grade 8


 Secession Argument Writing Resources 


LiveBinders LiveBinders
WS 6 - Caesar - Hero or Tyrant LiveBinder

WS7 Terra Cotta Pot LiveBinder

WS& King/Mandela LiveBinder

WS7 Europeans Go Exploring LiveBinder  

 WS 8 - Student Service Learning LiveBinder


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