If you have questions about anything at Mill Creek Towne Elementary School, feel free to contact Mrs. Natasha D. Bolden (Principal) or Robyn Shinn-Miller (Assistant Principal).

NAACP Parent Council Representative

The Purpose of the Parents’ Council is to provide a forum through which interested citizens may offer assistance, guidance and support to African American parents and students of Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) to pursue the highest qualify education possible through encouragement, information sharing, positive motivation, critical evaluation and advocacy.


Our school representative:

Laura Grant



Presentation to PTA on Understanding PARCC Scores- October 2016

Presentation to PTA on Student Self-Efficacy


MCPS Curriculum 2.0

MCPS Curriculum 2.0 is built around developing students' critical and creative thinking skills, as well as essential academic success skills, so that students are well prepared for a lifetime of learning. Click here for more information.

What is Baldridge?

Baldrige is a systematic method to set goals, gather information from multiple sources, measure progress, and revise plans in order to make sure a school is operating a peak efficiency to achieve academic excellence. Additional information can be found here.

What is a BCR?

A BCR, or Brief Constructed Response, is a written response to questions following reading text. The BCR should be short, only a few sentences, and should answer the question with support from the text. The purpose of BCRs is to show understanding and critical analysis. one of several tools teachers use to assess their students' reading comprehension. This tool specifically targets a students' ability to communicate their comprehension through written answers.

At what reading level should my child be?

Reading levels for each grade can be found here.

How can I help at school?

Parent volunteers are always welcome. Arrange a time with your child's teacher, or coordinate with the staff. If your child's teacher does not need help, there are many other areas in the school where you could volunteer: lunch aide, media center, other classrooms, etc. Don't forget to sign in at the front office. MCPS requires that all volunteers complete the online "Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect" training prior to volunteering or chaperoning a field trip.

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