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Visit the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) Parent Resources homepage.  The link will provide information about your child's school experience and a variety of resources offered through MCPS.

Before and After School Activities at Luxmanor Elementary School

There's a whole lot going on at Luxmanor! Check out this activities page to see what's happening before and after school.

Grade Level Pages

Find out the latest news about instruction  for your child’s grade level on our Luxmanor Classrooms Page. 

Support Luxmanor Elementary by Registering with these Companies 

Luxmanor does not conduct any formal fundraisers during the school year.  The only fundraising we do is through the companies below who have teamed up with schools to provide funds for us to use to purchase items for the school.  Mrs. McGolrick heads up this effort for our school and will be sending home a flyer soon regarding these programs.  The funds we receive goes towards purchasing supplies, equipment and materials that our teachers use with your children to enhance their learning. Thank you to everyone in the past who has registered your cards with Luxmanor at the retailers below.  I hope we are able to continue the incredible support we have received from our community in the past.


Company  Registration Information 
 Harris Teeter

 You can register on-line at Harris

Teeter or you may register your card at the store location.


 Must be registered on-line and not at the local stores.

Go to the website. Click on sign up and follow the

directions to enroll your card for our school.

Sign-up for MCPS QuickNotes 

MCPS QuickNotes is a free e-mail service that provides subscribers with important news and information about MCPS programs and activities, plus emergency information. MCPS QuickNotes is offered in seven languages: English, Spanish, French, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Amharic. Visit the QuickNotes website to subscribe.

Manténgase Informado/a con QuickNotes de MCPS

QuickNotes de MCPS  es un boletín informativo que se publica dos veces al mes y provee a las familias de MCPS noticias e información importantes sobre los programas y actividades de MCPS, además de información de emergencia. Quick Notes de MCPS  se ofrece en siete idiomas: inglés, español, amárico, chino, coreano, francés y vietnamita. Visite para leer la última edición. 


Alert MCPS is a way that you can receive text messages or e-mail from Montgomery County Public Schools during weather-related emergencies and other major events that impact school system operations.  Alert MCPS is administered by Montgomery County Public Schools and is part of the Montgomery County Alert System.

Although signing up for Alert MCPS is free of charge, your wireless carrier may charge you a fee to receive text messages. Contact your wireless carrier to learn more about wireless text messaging and any associated costs.

Visit the AlertMCPS website for more information including how to register.

Inclement Weather

Unfortunately, inclement weather is on its way.  Below you will find information regarding weather related closings during the school year.   Winter weather emergencies, such as snow and ice, may cause disruptions in school operations, including the closing of school, a delayed opening or an early dismissal.  Please keep in mind that poor weather conditions in other parts of the county, particularly the northern part of the county, may cause the entire county to be delayed or closed for the day even though the weather in our area may not seem to warrant it.

Public announcements are made by MCPS as soon as possible on area radio and television stations, the MCPS channel and on the Internet at, and on a recorded telephone message at 301-279-3673.  You may also sign up for MCPS QuickNotes on the school system's homepage.  If schools are closed or delayed, the announcement is made by 5:00 a.m.  If schools are closing early, the announcement is made by 11:00 a.m.

Delayed Opening

A delayed opening means that schools open two hours later than scheduled.  All busses operate on the same delayed schedule and, therefore, the pick-up times are two hours later than normal.  For Luxmanor, school will begin at 11:00 a.m.  Students may arrive to school at 10:40 a.m ., when there will be staff available to monitor the students.  All morning activities that may have been scheduled will be cancelled (ex: field trips).  Activities scheduled to begin after 10:40 a.m. will be held.  Please continue to check for radio, television, or Web announcements in the event a decision to delay the opening of schools is reconsidered and a decision to close schools for the day is made (by 7:00 a.m.). 

Early Dismissal

An early dismissal means that schools will close 2.5 hours earlier than scheduled.  All buses operate on that same early schedule and, therefore, drop-off times are 2.5 hours earlier than normal.  All after school activities are cancelled.  For Luxmanor, dismissal is at 12:55 p.m.  Early dismissals are announced by 11:00 a.m.  


Homework Help Available to all MCPS Students

Free homework help is available from MCPS-TV's Homework Hotline Live  (HHL).  Students may call, or submit a question online, to Homework Hotline Live  at 301-279-3234 or go to  Students can watch teachers address their homework questions live on MCPS-TV from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m., Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, or get after-hours online help from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday.  New this year, students and parents can download the free Homework Hotline Live  app, where you can send questions, watch live, and find more homework help resources, all from your phone (now available in App Stores for your Apple or Android device).

Ways to contact Homework Hotline Live  for free homework help:

  •    Phone: 301-279-3234 (during TV broadcasts)
  •    Web:
  •    Text: 724-427-5445 (7244-ASK-HHL)
  •    Email:
  •    Snapchat (username: AskHHL) 
  •    The newHomework Hotline Livephone app! (download for Apple or Android )

Ways to watch Homework Hotline Live , from 4:30 - 6:00 p.m., Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday:

  •    Comcast 34 & 998(HD)
  •    Verizon 36
  •    RCN 89 & 1058(HD)
  •    YouTube (search: AskHHL)
  •    Homework Hotline Live phone app 

Go to to learn more.

Hay Ayuda para Hacer las Tareas para Todos los Estudiantes

En Homework Hotline Live (HHL) (Línea en Vivo de Ayuda con las Tareas) , por MCPS-TV, se ofrece ayuda gratuita para hacer las tareas. Los estudiantes pueden llamar a Homework Hotline Live , teléfono 301-279-3234, o pueden enviar una pregunta en línea ingresando a Los estudiantes pueden ver a los maestros responder a sus preguntas sobre las tareas en vivo por MCPS-TV, de 4:30 a 6:00 p.m., los martes, miércoles y jueves, o pueden obtener ayuda después del programa en línea de 6:00 a 9:00 p.m., de lunes a jueves. Algo nuevo este año, los estudiantes y sus padres pueden descargar la aplicación gratuita de Homework Hotline Live , donde se pueden enviar preguntas, ver el programa en vivo y conseguir más recursos para ayuda con las tareas, todo eso desde su teléfono (disponible en las tiendas de aplicaciones (App Stores) para su dispositivo Apple o Android).

Formas de comunicarse con Homework Hotline Live para recibir ayuda con las tareas:

  •    Teléfono: 301-279-3234 (durante el programa de televisión)
  •    Internet:
  •    Texto: 724-427-5445 (7244-ASK-HHL)
  •    Correo Electrónico:
  •    Snapchat (nombre de usuario: AskHHL) 
  •     ¡La nueva aplicación móvil de Homework Hotline Live! (descargar para  Apple o Android )

Formas de ver Homework Hotline Live , de 4:30 a 6:00 p.m., los martes, miércoles y jueves:

  •    Comcast 34 y 998 (HD)
  •    Verizon 36
  •    RCN 89 y 1058 (HD)
  •    YouTube (en la barra de búsqueda escriba: AskHHL)
  •    Aplicación móvil de Homework Hotline Live

Visite para más detalles.

Luxmanor Crisis Plan and Emergency Procedures

Luxmanor Elementary School has extensive emergency contingency plans and a comprehensive school crisis plan.  The following is a brief summary of the procedures for emergency situations either inside or outside the school building:

Shelter:  An emergency situation that requires all students to be under direct supervision and accounted for.  Our OSET (On-Site Emergency Team) assembles in the main office, all bells are turned off, outside doors are secured, and attendance is taken and transmitted to the OSET Team.  During a shelter alert, classes continue as normal; further instructions by the administration will be transmitted over the PA system.  Depending on the situation, students in portable classrooms may be brought back into the main building.

Lockdown:  An imminent emergency that requires all areas of the building to be secured (lockdown).  Staff remains in place with students, building services locks all exterior doors, bells are ignored.  Classes are silent, blinds are drawn, and students move away from windows.  Classes do not continue as normal; further instructions by the administration will be transmitted over the PA system.

Off Campus Evacuation Location: If we need to evacuate the building other than for a fire drill, we are required to move a minimum of 300 feet from the building.  In this event, we will evacuate to the Tilden Holding Center, 6300 Tilden Lane, Rockville, MD  20852. The alternate location is Green Acres School, 11701 Danville Dr., Rockville, MD 20852.