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Our goal is to help our students improve their quality of life through hydrotherapy. In the pool, we work with our students on many of the following skill sets and objectives:  pain management and stress relief,  improved joint mechanics, postural improvement,  weight bearing, gait training, gripping and grasping of objects or the ability to support ones' own body weight, improved range of motion, flexibility, muscular pliability through tissue work.    
The objectives and goals vary for each student based on their own individualized needs and abilities.   
Mr. Jim Romans & Mrs.Theresa Quine


Adapted art synthesizes the beauty, history, and techniques or fine art with the functionality and purposefulness of therapy. Activities incorporate a multitude of targeted skills that reinforce and build upon students goals and objectives for both speech and occupational therapy.  Classes aim to maximize student independence by embedding tailored supports and accommodations to ensure student success. Above all, students' sense of exploration and creativity is fostered in a safe and fun environment. 
Mrs. Sara Lucas-Dreiss


Here at Longview we celebrate the musician in each of us!! Through carefully crafted instruments such as reflective tambourines mounted on stands to adapted grip mallets, students experience making music at many levels.  Using rock and roll, classical music, children's songs, and original compositions, Longview students can share their  voice and love of music. Students are encouraged to participate at many levels, including being an active listener and composer.   Music Class is a place where Longview Students can experience being part of a greater experience such as a music ensemble.  We create handbell and drum ensembles during our weekly 55 minute classes.  
 Student choice in composition is realized using spinners, PODD communication, choice, and even technology such as Chrome music Lab.  This creative independence carries over to song choice for instrument improvisation in daily music class. 
It is the belief that we all have music within us and march to the beat of our own drummer!  If you take the time to follow the creative lead of each individual, a beautiful song can be seen.  As a Board Certified Music Therapist with over 25 years of experience as well as a music educator, I am continually investigating and creating ways to bring music to our students so they can have a full and rich creative musical education. 

Mrs.Amy Gardiner

Physical Education 

During our PE class here at Longview I want to accomplish three things:

1. I want all of my students to experience a wide variety of sports/activities. 
  This includes activities such as Bowling, Soccer, Horseshoes, Bocce,
  Baseball, and many others.
2.  I want all my students to be able to participate in these activities as independently
   as possible.  Each activity can be adapted to meet the
   needs of the individual student, so they are able to access the activity
   and also independently participate.
3.  Finally, I want all my students to grow and improve skills while
   participating. I will continue to help my students build skills to become
   more independent and/or physically fit.

See below for some videos of the Longview students participating in PE

Mr. Jeffrey Watkins

Occupational Therapy & Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy is a profession that analyzes student’s fine motor skills, sensory regulation, and emotional/cognitive function in order to participate in classroom, play/leisure, and self-care activities (such as feeding, dressing, and handwashing). At Longview School, some of the specific strategies that Occupational Therapists provide are training in the use of assistive technologies, assessment of functional positioning, and assessment/support of sensory needs.

We believe and reflect Mary Reilly's (Occupational Therapist) quote: "Man, through the use of his hands, as they are energized by mind and will, can influence the state of his own health."

Ms.Jennifer Ways PT            Ms. Yun C. Kim OT
Mr. Brian Burns PT.               Ms. Kate Schroeder-Smith OT
Ms. Jennifer Conrad PT        Mr. William Butler OT


Speech & Language Therapy

Longview Speech Therapy Mission Statement: To engage in interprofessional and collaborative practice to provide evidence-based and culturally sensitive diagnostic and therapeutic services to individuals with complex communication needs.

At Longview school we service students with complex communication needs who often rely on multi-modal communication to share a message with a communication partner. Forms of communication may include, but are not limited to: (1) Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), and (2) communication behaviors. Examples of communication behaviors include….

  • Examples of Communication Behaviors:  
    -Facial Expressions
    -Body Language 
    -Eye Movement or Visual Attention 
    -Yes/No Head Movement 

To learn more about what AAC is, please refer to the presentation titled
“What is AAC? on the Longview Family Resource Page.

In speech therapy at Longview there are a wide variety of different communication goals we work on that target varying functional communication intents. Examples of different types of communication goals include, but are not limited to, the following: using AAC supports and/or communication behaviors to
      (1) Demonstrate yes/no head movement goals to affirm/reject,
      (2) Requesting,
      (3) Protesting,
      (4) Commenting (e.g., “I like, “I see”),
      (5) Stating a need (e.g., “Bathroom, drink, eat, position change”),
      (6) Turn-taking skills,
      (7) Social emotional wellness to increase independence and improve overall                 quality of life.
Speech therapy sessions are tailored to the individual needs of students whether it takes place in an individual/small group/large group setting or pull out/push-in sessions. 

  • Examples of Different types of AAC we use at Longview: 
    -Communication Behaviors (e.g., gestures, facial expressions, etc.) 
    -Real Objects or Pictures of Real Objects 
    -Picture Communication Symbols 
    -Pragmatic Organization Dynamic Display (PODD) 
    -Single-Button, Pre-Programmed Speech Generating Device (e.g., step-by-step) 
    -High-Tech AAC devices (e.g., communication applications on tablets, Tech Talk, Go Talk, etc.) 
    -Low Tech Communication Book

Ms.Erin Thomas SPT
Mrs. Lauren Watson SPT


A teacher of the visually impaired provides services for students who are blind or visually impaired to help them access the materials presented in their school environment.  This is done by consultation and collaboration with the team to determine appropriate modifications and adaptations needed to the environment and to the materials to maximize the student's participation in classroom activities.  

Ms. Abir Fareed
Ms. Tracy Rogers

Transition Services

Transition services provide stakeholders with the necessary resources, tools, support, and professional development needed to ensure students a successful transition into further education, employment, and full participation in their community. Transition services are a student-centered planning process designed to meet students' educational, employment and independent living post-secondary outcomes.

MCPS Transition Services Resource Page
Transitioning Youth Time Line

Adriana Friedman
Transition Specialist