We ROAR With Pride

Longview School is a separate, public special education day school that provides comprehensive educational services to students 5 to 21 years of age with severe to profound intellectual and/or multiple disabilities. Longview students are often challenged with: complex communication needs (non-speaking), limited motor functioning, visual and/or hearing impairments, complex medical and/or physical needs and/or traumatic (acquired) brain injuries.

Longview focuses on supporting each student’s success by:

  • Forming positive relationships with our students and families built in a foundation of trust and presuming competence.
  • Supporting each student in communicating as authentically and autonomously as possible through the use of alternative and augmentative communication (AAC), modeling, and direct instruction each day.
  • Utilizing assistive technology to ensure each student’s educational environment is accessible and instructing students in the use of assistive technology to increase independence.
  • Implementing a comprehensive literacy program to ensure every student is as literate as possible.
  • Providing comprehensive educational programming that help students develop self-help skills, including eating, dressing, toileting and more.
  • Collaborating with our secondary students in 
  • Applying project-based learning tools to support secondary students in building and managing student led school business. 

Our Mission 

To provide a collaborative educational community focused on students' individual growth and to support students to reach optimum levels of independence and quality of life.

Our Vision

We endeavor to facilitate lifelong learning in a rigorous and collaborative environment for students, staff, families & community.

Collective Agreements

We will remain student focused by:

◦ Collaboratively problem solving
◦ Openly communicating.
◦ Holding all stakeholders accountable to the mission and vision.

Longview Family Resource Site

Find great resources for our families including trainings, forms & links. Also, you will find fun, ready to use activities for our students.

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