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Dance students will be encouraged to utilize their own perceptual skills through choreography, performing & responding to dance. In exploring their understanding of all styles of dance, students will be asked to demonstrate the relationship to significant components of history and human experience as well as the ways that it provides opportunities for individual, cultural, and creative expression. Progressing to production activities, students will demonstrate their ability to create dance by improvising, organizing ideas, choreographing, and performing. By interpreting and expressing their own ideas in this dance form, students will demonstrate the ability to identify, analyze, and apply criteria for making aesthetic judgments.

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Jenna Mercurio

Tiffany Alastanos

Julianna Mackie

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 2019-2020 Dance Concert Dates Upcoming Events 

 2019-2020 Dance concert dates


Photo & Video Gallery 

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 Dance Showcase 2018
 Dance Showcase 2017

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