English & Reading


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The secondary English Language Arts program focuses on the communication processes of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing through the study of language and literature. Courses are organized into four thematic units, each approximately one marking period in duration. Each unit addresses an over-arching theme designed to serve as a lens through which students explore the human experience across time and distance in their own writing and published exposition, narration, poetry, and drama. Enduring Understandings and Essential Questions for each unit provide a larger purpose for learning targeted content.

Each unit integrates the communication processes and contents. No one process (reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing) is taught in isolation. Neither of the contents (literature and language) is taught in isolation. Rather, students learn the dynamic relationships among them as they study the significant role language plays in literature and in the craft of expressing oneself through the written and spoken word.

Meet the Department

Mrs. Michelle Sobers, Department Chair (English 8 and Reading 8)
Ms. Danielle Abdelsalam (English 7, Reading 7 and Reading 8)

Mr. Sean Ambrose (English 6) 

Ms. Sue Beroza (Read 180 and Reading 6) 

Ms. Alia Bey (English 8)

Ms. Diane Christen (English 8 and ESOL)
Ms. Kihara Dorsey (English 6) 

Ms. Barbara Fratkin (English 6 and Reading) 

Mr. Todd Leff (English 7 and Read 180) 

Ms. Rebecca Lindsay (English 7 and Reading 7) 

Ms. Jill Pearce (Reading 6) 

Mr. Marc Waldman (English 6 and Contemporary Communication) 

Mrs. Cheryl Walker (English 7)Curriculum

* Foundations
* Adventures
* Challenges and Barriers
* Choices

7th Grade Thematic Units:

* Identity
* A Sense of Place
* Voices from the Past
* Imagination

8th Grade Thematic Units:

* Journeys
* Community
* Responsibility
* Discoveries