How do I contact my child’s counselor?

Call the counseling office at (301) 601-4607 and ask to speak with your child’s counselor. Please leave a message with the counseling secretary if the counselor is not available at the time of your call and your call will be returned. Counselors can also be contacted by e-mail.

How do I contact my child’s teacher?

There are several ways to contact your child’s teacher. All teachers have an e-mail address and check their e-mail throughout the day. Phone calls are accepted in the main office for teachers and messages will be taken by the secretary and calls will be returned. The main office number is (301) 601-4611.

How do I set up a parent conference?

Parent conferences are scheduled through the counseling department by your child’s counselor.

What is my child’s daily schedule?

The daily schedule at Kingsview Middle School includes seven instructional periods. Each class is approximately 45 – 50 minutes in length every day. Required courses include English, Math, Science, World Studies, Reading or Foreign Language and Physical Education/Health. Students also have one period of an elective course

How can my child schedule time to see his/her counselor?

Students who would like to see their counselor individually need to fill out a “Request to see Counselor” form located in classrooms and in the counseling office. Students should fill out the form and leave the form in the counseling office and they should be seen within 24 – 48 hours. In case of emergencies, students are seen immediately. Students are asked to fill out referral forms before school starts, at lunch or after school as to not interfere with academics. Counselors see students in group settings, in the classroom and in the cafeteria. Parents and teachers can also request individual counseling for a student.

How do I know what homework and assignments are due?

The best way to keep track of your child’s homework and assignments is the agenda book (assignment book). Students use their agenda book daily to write down homework and assignments in each class. Students also record the dates that these assignments are due. Examine your child’s agenda book every night to make sure assignments are recorded everyday. The agenda book can also be used as a means of communication between the teacher and parent.

Are there any high school courses that are offered in middle school?

Yes. Students can take high school courses in world language and mathematics.

In world language classes, students must fulfill all of the following requirements:

- Successfully complete the foreign language high school course while in middle school.

- Pass the required quarterly assessments (RQAs).

- Complete the next level of foreign language course sequence while in high school.


- If a student uses credit earned in middle school to meet high school graduation requirements, the grades will be included in the cumulative grade point average in high school.

- If the student repeats a course in high school, the middle school grade will be replaced and will not appear on the student’s high school transcript if the class is re-taken the year following.

For students in Algebra 1 and Honors Geometry, they must have completed specific math requirements before being scheduled into these classes. This course satisfies the high school Algebra 1 requirement and the credit and grade received will appear on the student’s high school transcript.

What is the procedure for dropping off a student after school has started or for picking up a student for early dismissal?

When dropping a student off at school after school hours have begun, the parent/guardian should bring the student into the school or send them in with a signed note as to why they are late. The parent/guardian or the student with the note should stop by the security desk or the main office at which time a pass will be issued to go to the appropriate class.

Any person who will be picking up a student for early dismissal must show a picture ID and must be listed on the student’s yellow family card as a person who is designated to pick the student up from school. Otherwise, a picture ID is required with a signed note from the parents/guardians that states that you are allowed to pick the student up. When coming into the school, go to the security desk and the security guard will take the information, sign the student out for the school day and call the student from the class for dismissal.

My Parent Portal is not working, or I need help. Who do I contact?

Mr. Jason Godfroy can help you with your edline account. Click on his name to send him an e-mail.