Student Service Learning Hours (SSL)

To learn more about the MCPS SSL program, please view our program overview at

    • April SSL Opportunities (for which students can earn up to 34 SSL hours!)
      Please share the information below with students still in need of SSL hours:

    -          Choose Respect Montgomery - RespectFest - April 1-14, 2024

    o   April 1-14, 2024 (virtual/online) - Middle school and high school students will have the opportunity to earn up to 5 SSL hours for actively participating in online activities and virtual workshops centered on dating violence and prevention!

    o   April 7, 2024, 1-4 PM - Wheaton Community Recreation Center (in-person) - Middle school and high school students will have the opportunity to earn up to 3 SSL hours for attending this in-person festival focused on spreading awareness about dating violence and prevention! Registration will occur on-site.

    o   Interested students may view additional details at the following link.

    -          MCPS Youth Climate Summit - April 13, 2024 (8:30 AM - 3:35 PM) - Middle school and high school students are invited to speak with environmental mentors, collaborate with student leaders, gain imperative environmental information, and learn how to grow as environmental activists!

    o   Students may earn 7 SSL hours for participating.

    o   Interested students may view additional details and register at the following link.


    ·       Earth Day SSL Opportunity (April 22, 2024, 9:30am - 2:00pm) - Build the first MCPS farm, and earn SSL hours while giving back to the Earth!

    o   Students may earn 4.5 SSL hours for participating. Breakfast, lunch, and transportation will be provided.

    o   To learn more, please click here.


    ·       Teen Wellness Summit (April 22, 2024, 9 AM - 4 PM) - Join us for discussions and presentations packed with information, fun and prizes! Explore your health, discover health careers, and make community connections. 

    o   Students may earn up to 7 SSL hours for participating. Lunch will be provided.

    o   Students must register by April 8, 2024. To learn more, please click here.

    -          The Culture of Respect 2023-2024 Student Training Module remains available on Canvas for students to access. Students must fully complete the training module to be eligible to earn 2 SSL hours.

    -          Student-to-Student Extracurricular Series - 10 SSL hours – MCPS is seeking students interested in developing a video presentation with either a leadership moment or extracurricular skill to inspire, teach, and share with their MCPS peers and the greater MCPS community. Students may earn 10 SSL hours for successful submission of all items identified in the  Student-To-Student Extracurricular Series Form.

    -       Additional April SSL Opportunities

If you have any questions about the SSL program, please email your school’s SSL coordinator ( and or the MCPS SSL office at Thank you! 


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