Cash For Hoover

Giant Bonus Card

Parents, neighbors, grandparents and other supporters can help us earn cash awards for Hoover Middle School simply by registering their Giant Bonus Cards and designating Hoover. This must be done each year, even if you or they have registered in the past, Giant clears its system every year.

If you have your Bonus Card handy, please take a minute using the online link below to register. If you do not have your card at hand and use your phone number when shopping, just call the A+Bonus Bucks Hotline at 1-877-275-2758 for assistance to register. Once registered, each time you shop between October and April, your grocery bill earns money for's that easy. Hoover's Bonus Bucks ID number is 00753.


Harris Teeter

Hoover Middle School is now part of the Harris Teeter Together in Education (TIE) program! Please register your VIC card using the link below; there is no cost to you and Hoover will benefit every time you shop. Hoover's code is 7948. Thanks for your participation!

Register VIC Card