Greencastle Elementary School supports the involvement of all parents/families. It is our belief that the education of our children is a shared responsibility. We believe that when parents are involved, students will be more successful. In this policy, “parent” is intended to include parents, guardians, and other family members involved in supervising the child’s schooling. Your input on our School Improvement Plan, Home School Compact, Parent Engagement Plan, the Title I parent involvement budget and how staff can work with families as equal partners is important to our success. You can share your ideas by participating on the School Improvement Team, Family Engagement Committee, and/or completing parent surveys. If you would like to be a part of our teams, or have any questions or comments about any of the documents, please contact

Greencastle Elementary School 2022-23 Title I Parent and Family Engagement Plan

Greencastle Elementary School-Parent Compact 2022-23