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There are 2 ways to submit absence notes:

  • Written notice from parent/caregiver - Including student's full name, ID# and reason for absence

According to Maryland law, every child between the ages of 5 and 18 must attend school. Students are expected to attend classes unless they have an excused absence. Attendance will be reported to parents on report cards.

According to MCPS procedures, if a student is absent from school, the school will follow up on the absence through an automated calling system that contacts parents to alert them about the absence.

Students must bring in a note signed by a parent/guardian/caregiver upon returning to school. Students have three (3) days from the day they return to bring signed notes. All absent notes should be turned into the attendance office before school, during lunch, or after school. No notes will be accepted during class periods. After this three-day limit, an absence will be classified as unexcused unless the administrator has granted an extension to a student's request during these days.

In order to participate in any athletic event, extracurricular activity, scheduled school activity or practice, students must be on time and attend all scheduled classes the day of the event. With prior approval of an administrator, a student may be excused for prescheduled appointments.