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Mission Statement

The mission of the Albert Einstein High School Counseling Services Department is to provide a comprehensive counseling program that addresses the personal/social, academic and college/career needs of all students. Our goal is to promote a commitment to life long learning, personal and academic growth and to aid students in becoming responsible and productive citizens who can progress confidently into an ever-changing society. This foundation will be supported and further strengthened by collaboration with other educators, administrators, parents/guardians and community advocates.

Counseling Services Department Contacts

Ms. Anne Fletcher

Resource Counselor


Ms. Rebecca Perez


Ms. Cheryl Malner

Counseling Services Secretary & SSL Coordinator

Counselor Hours: 7:20am - 2:50pm

Counseling Office Business Hours: 7:20am – 2:50pm

Phone: (240) 740-2710  ~ Fax: (301) 962-1074

2023-2024 Counselor Assignments


Ms. Anne Fletcher

Resource Counselor

Last Names: We- Z

Extensions, LFI, SCB


Ms. Reina Fuentes

Last Names: A - Bek

EML Students 1-4 A - Ga

Mr. Auguste Pykosh

Last Names: Bel - Do

Mr. John Edwards

Last Names: Dr - He

Ms. Jehan Khanni

Last Names: Hi - Lai


Ms. Patricia Azcuna

Last Names: Lak - Martind

EML Students 1-4 Ge - Par


Mr. Brad Pabian

Last Names: Martine - Mora

EML Students 1-4 Pas - Z


Ms. Ashley Haddad

Last Names: Moral - Rom



Ms. Kellie Spivak

Last Names: Ron - Wa


Mr. Jonathan Somarriba

EML Students - all levels

Ms. Belvey Russ

ACES Academic Coach

Making Appointments with your Counselor

Attendance and participation in class is an important criteria for academic success, therefore, we discourage students from missing instructional time to meet with their counselor. Students may see their counselor without an appointment before and after school, and/or during lunch. All other times should be arranged with their counselor or by having a pass from their teacher.