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Top 10 Reasons for Joining Extracurriculars

By Booster Scholarship Team

  1. Make New Friends- win or lose, you'll meet people who may not share a class with you
  2. Learn More than Required Courses- extracurriculars are like an elective, learn something new and have fun while doing it
  3. Get to know Teachers- doing something together with faculty outside of the classroom, you get to see a different side of people who want to help you
  4. Improve Academic Performance- stretch and grow by doing more; participation increases performance according to school and other studies
  5. Develop Leadership Skills- every activity has an organization that needs your help to run
  6. Learn Team work- objectives can't be achieved without others
  7. Apply Lessons of Sportsmanship and Ethics- competition teaches how to succeed by playing within the rules
  8. Learn How to Persevere and Dedicate Yourself - success isn't automatic; test and strengthen your commitment to achievement by learning how to juggle demands on your time that compete with school work)
  9. Be Self-reliant- by doing school sponsored activities you can learn to do things on your own without depending on your parents to organize activities for you
  10. Increase School Spirit- without you and the extra things you do, the the school is just two dimensional