Maestra Sonia Santos 
Grade 1  

Señora Gricia Canales is a native of El Salvador and has lived in the United States for over 30 years. She has been teaching for over 20 years, and over 10 years in Montgomery County. Her experience with the immersion team at Burnt Mills helps students experience a continuity in language as they move from Kindergarten through 1st grade.  Señora Canales loves working with children and helping them develop into creative, intelligent members of the community.

Grade K and 1 Reading Initiative
Grade 2  

Señorita Mary Thomas 

 Grade 3  
Señora Maryann Guzman has been a teacher for 25 years, 15 of those in MCPS.  Her family is from Honduras and El Salvador.  She enjoys being with her family and sharing her culture with others.  She enjoys Central American food and music.
  Grade 4  
Señora Orly Santos has been teaching in MCPS for 15 years.  She is originally from Puerto Rico. There are many things she enjoys about her culture but most importantly is the resilience of her people.  She also enjoys the music and food.  Señora Santos is instrumental in helping our students improve their language skills and vocabulary and preparing them for middle school.
Grade 5 - Reading & Writing

Señora Daisy Claudio 

Program Coordinator
Señora Gloria Plawner is from Quito, Ecuador but grew up outside of Boston. This mix of two cultures allowed her to grow up appreciating and loving travel and languages. Any time she can learn about new cultures or countries, she jumps at the opportunity! Señora Plawner has a background in International Development and Public Health. She has taught elementary and middle school for 15 years.  During her free time she enjoys exploring the area with her family and two wonderful children!