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At Burnt Mills, our Spanish Immersion Program follows the MCPS curriculum at all grade levels. The goal of the program is to develop the abilities of students to understand, speak, read, and write in both English and Spanish.  In Kindergarten - 4th Grade, Spanish immersion students remain with their Spanish teacher all day and receive instruction in all subject areas in Spanish.  In 5th Grade, students receive Math, Science, and Social Studies in Spanish and Reading & Writing is 50/50 in both English and Spanish.  


Entry into the Program

Students are accepted into the program based on space.  No Spanish is required for entry into Kindergarten and 1st Grade.  For entry into the program after 1st Grade, the student must show command of the Spanish language at their specific grade level.  The immersion coordinator interviews and administers an assessment to a prospective student. Then a team of educators meet and make a recommendation to the principal on admittance to the program. 




 Kindergarten - 4th Grades

(Full Day Immersion - as of 2018-19 School Year)

These grade levels provide instruction in Spanish the entire day (except for specials).  The goal is to immerse the children in a target language environment while teaching the Montgomery County Public Schools curriculum.  Many visual aids, "big books", hands-on materials, songs, and much body language are used to insure the children's understanding.  As the children develop basic Spanish classroom vocabulary, they are encouraged to use these new expressions.   

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5th Grade (English and Spanish Instruction)

In 5th grade, immersion students receive instruction for math, science and social studies in Spanish and Reading & Writing is 50/50 in both English and Spanish. Immersion lessons are purposefully planned to maximize language learning and production through the content areas covered.  Teachers include culture in reading and writing activities throughout the year. 
During these years, children are increasingly expected to use more of the target language to communicate (orally and in writing) about the subject area and in their classroom experiences.  Parents are encouraged to reinforce the new learning at home, allowing students to share their Spanish language experiences and deepening concept understanding in their home language. 
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