(3rd-5th Grade Math Resources)


General Resources:


Test Prep   


Math Arcade  



BBC Math

 Brain Pop



Class Brain Games



Cool Math

Family Challenges

Math Files

Maths File


Math Walkthroughs  


MapM Resources



Resources By Topic:

Calculations Numbers     Geometry   Measurement Fractions   Data Analysis  Statistics



Arithmetic Four

 Flash Cards & Games

Car Wash

Car Wash

Math Fact Café

Flash Math


Math Baseball

Math Mystery

Math Magician


Crossing Swamp
Crossing swamp

Order of Operations

Thinking Blocks


Camel's Time Table

Times Table Grid

Multiplication Puzzle

Grand Prix

Multiplication Game

Division Game

BBC Division


Product Game

Product Game

 Multiplication Tablesnrich  Multiplication Jeopardy
multiplication jeopardy
Penguin Jump 
Pony Division
Multiply #'s Ending 0
Ending Zero


Number Relationships 

Pattern w/ 100 chart


Convert Place Value


Place Value Party


ID Place Values


Word-# Matching


Numberline Fractions

Fraction Monkey

Cuisenaire Rods

Four Go
4 go
Order of Operations  



 Describing Polygons

Circle Circumference




Working with Angles


Making 3-D Shapes


Estimating Angles


Virtual Pinboard


Angle Measurement


Cool Math


Virtual Manipulatives


Geometry Center

Geometry Center

Geometry :  

Virtual geoboard lets you stretch rubberbands to make shapes.

Quadrilateral Shape Game




Data Analysis 

Bar Chart


Data Grapher

Create A Graph


Graph Word Search


Frequency Table

Line Graphs


Handling Data


Data Sets


Misleading Graphs


Virtual Manipulatives



Convert Numbers


Converting Units


Virtual Manipulatives


Change Maker


Angle Practice-

 Figure out the angle of your laser to shoot the spaceship.

Area :

calculate the correct area of a figure to reveal the pieces of a hidden picture

Elapsed Time

 practice determining the elapsed time given a starting time and an ending time

Stop the Clock

Stop the Clock 

Can You Fill It?Can you fill it 

Perimeter & Area




Fraction Fun-

What fraction of the pizza is left?

Fraction Flags Halves

Design a flag using halves and quarters

Fraction Flags Thirds-

Design a flag using thirds

 Fraction Concentration.   

Make Fractions to the models

Fraction Race Car :

correctly name the fraction and race the car.


Choose from four fractions games

Fraction Four :

 a 2-player activity. Answer questions about fractions and decimals to play Connect Four.

Fraction Practice:

Equivalent fractions, comparing fractions, and more.

Fraction Shoot

Fraction Shoot

Fraction Beach

Fraction Beach

Math Man
Convert from Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions




Probability Circus

Probability Experiment

 Probability Simulations

Disguise Combos Virtual Coin Toss

Probability Game -

This game has 3 levels of difficulty. Determine the probability of catching a red fish in a fish tank, OR distribute the red and yellow fish to illustrate a given probability.   




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