Service Learning Project- Grade 3 

3rd Grade: Early Literacy 

MCPS Indicator 

Social and Emotional Skills/ Values 

Content/Classroom Activities 

Support Activities 

Service Learning Group related ideas and maintain a consistent focus throughout the writing process Prepare writing for publication and proofreading by purposefully using drawings, legible handwriting, labeling, and graphics. Use a language appropriate for a specific audience, purpose, and context. Read aloud with fluency, accuracy, expression, and appropriate information. Write summaries that contain the main ideas of a reading selection and the most significant details 

-Empathic skills: sensing what others are feeling 



-Relationship Skills: Negotiate solutions to conflict, seek help when needed, cooperation 

-appreciating and interacting positively in a multi-age multi-cultural group 

Self-Esteem Building  

Leadership Skills: 


Decision-making skills  


Students will complete bookmarks of their favorite books to be given to another school (Brookhaven) 


-Students will complete a class powerpoint to be presented to another school 


-Students will decide the books to purchase and donate. 



-The third graders will learn about the importance of early literacy by reading and summarizing articles. 

“Literacy Begins at Home, with a Literate Home Environment” 




Fall: Students will organize and hold a bake sale to raise money before and after Cultural Art Night Assembly 


-Winter/Spring: Students will use the money to purchase books for another school (Brookhaven 2011) 


-Students will make and present bookmarks and books to a representative from the school (Brookhaven) 


-Students will use money left after buying the books and will go to Strosniders and pick up some baskets for the books. 

Reflection: Students will complete an exit card after project, as well as a Plus/Delta, in order to ensure and evaluate their level of understanding in helping this school 


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