Serivce Learning Project- 2nd Grade

Learning to Care: Manna Food Center  

MCPS Indicator 
Social and Emotional Skills/ Values 

 Content/Classroom Activities 

 Support Activities 
Service Learning active listening strategies and convey information from listening (asking questions, relating prior knowledge) clearly enough to be heard and understood verbal and non-verbal techniques useful in communication

- Empathic skills: sensing what others are feeling (Being a homeless child)


- Social Awareness: Learning about populations who are in need of our assistance in the world today


- Caring/Respect


- Self-Esteem Building


- Leadership Skills: Empowerment to lead a food drive

The children will learn about aspects of the Manna Food Bank during TLC


-Slideshow and FAQ’s 


-They will learn about age groups which need food (Children comprise half of the population served at Manna)


-Students will advertise the food drive by making posters and announcements (In the classroom-October) 

Counselor will discuss “What is a Helper?” and why it becomes meaningful to participate in service learning  


Students will set goals about earning canned food and monitor their progress.   

Students will hold a food drive to raise supplies for the food bank (Oct/Nov) 

Students will visit the Manna Food Center (December?) (Amy Gabala) to bring food and to see how food banks operate 






 Goal Card 




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