About our Staff

Support Staff


                          haynes no frame 8/15 
Ms. Haynes - Administrative Secretary
      Ruthie 2015
       Ms. Sherling - School Secretary  


 Beth Mills

 Mrs. Mills - Paraeducator

 Colleen Simpson

 Mrs. Simpson - Paraeducator


   Isabelle Koenig

   Mrs. Koenig - Paraeducator  


 Pam Sykes

 Ms. Carroll-Sykes - Paraeducator

 nancy chin

 Ms. Chin - Paraeducator


  Kathleen Allen

   Ms. Allen - Paraeducator


 Milva McCallum

 Ms. McCallum - School Nurse

 Evelyn Guevara

Evelyn Guevara - Building Services

  Jose Melgar
     Jose Melgar - Building Services 
 Ms. Ogburn - Building Services Manager


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