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Library Media Specialist: Stacey Flynn

Media Assistant:  Betsy Stiefvater

Visiting the Media Center 

Hours of Operation: 8:30 am - 3:30 pm, Monday - Friday

Checking Out Books

Students are welcome to visit the Media Center in the mornings from 8:40 - 9:00 am after obtaining a pass from their homeroom teacher. 

Kindergarten and First Grade students visit the Media Center weekly and may check out (1) book for two weeks. 

Second graders visit the Media Center biweekly and may check out (2) books for two weeks. 

Third, Fourth and Fifth Graders visit the Media Center biweekly and may check out (3) books for two weeks. They may also check out Playaways (audio book players) once they have received their training certificate. 

Overdue, Lost and Damaged Books

Students will be asked to pay for lost or damaged library materials. Overdue notices are sent to classroom teachers on a weekly basis. Please feel free to contact Ms. Flynn or Ms. Sloan should you have any questions or concerns about lost or damaged library materials. If a lost book is found after payment, the full amount will be refunded. 




The vision of the GSCES media center staff is to be pro-active in our interactions with all students and staff at GSCES.

Donations and Volunteers Welcome

The media center takes GENTLY used children books donations at any time. We are also looking for gently used Lego sets for our new and upcoming MakerSpace Area. Feel free to drop them by the media center at your convenience. 

Interested in volunteering? We'd love to have you. We are always looking for parent volunteers. Please contact Ms. Flynn if you are interested in joining our volunteer team - Stacey Flynn

Online Resources

Destiny - Click here to see Great Seneca Creek ES online library catalog. Be sure to select the link to Great Seneca Creek's collection.

Online Services - Click here to find resources to support homework and inquiry.

Check it out...Your Library has gone Mobile

Library Gone Mobile


Want to know what our students say about this year's Black-Eyed-Susan Books? 

If you would like to view the video clips of what GSCES students say about this year's Black Eyed Susan Nominees, you can email us for the password at Stacey Flynn or Betsy Stiefvater.  


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