2nd Grade


  • Ms. Rachel Maizel,
    Team Leader 
  • Ms. Melissa Wong
  • Ms.Pamela Pierpoint
  • Ms. Cara Carroll
  • Ms. Caitlin DiGioia
  • Ms. Tanya Besiryan 
  • Mrs. Kuang-Tzu Gretz 
 team pic




 Field Trip Information  

(for field trip and other school activities) 
October 26 - ½ Grade 2 to Trolley Museum
October 27 – ½ Grade 2 to Trolley Museum
February 14 – Grade 2 Imagination Stage 



PYP Unit of Inquiry Newsletters

Sharing the Planet  
How We Organize Ourselves 
Where We Are in Place & Time 
How We Express Ourselves 
Who We Are 
How the World Works