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  Mrs. Pamela M. Scott, MLS, NBCT


Media Specialist

 Mrs. Martha Mossberg


 Media Assistant  

 Mr. Paul A. Ormsby


 Media Services


 Mr. John Wysong


Media Assistant


Hours of Operation:


  7:00am -3:30pm 


  7:00am -3:30pm 


  7:00am - 3:30pm  


  7:00am - 3:30pm  


  7:00am - 3:30pm  

*High School Plus is in session


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Books, audiobooks, periodicals, MCPS-compliant Internet access, and online research databases are available to all students.

Circulation Policies:

  • Students must have MCPS student ID to check out materials
  • Materials are checked out for 4 weeks
  • Students may have 3 materials checked out at a time
  • Only 1 Black-Eyed Susan book may be checked out at a time
  • Materials may be renewed for an additional 4 weeks, if done so prior to the due date

Fines & Obligations:

  • Fines are assessed at $.10 cents per material, per day late
  • Overdue and obligation notices are sent to first period classes for students every 4 weeks
  • Obligations are issued each week

 Printing & Copying:

 Black-and-white printing  

 10 pages free; 10¢ per page for subsequent pages

 Black-and-white copying  

 10¢ per page

 Color printing 

  $1.00 per page









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