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Literacy 2017 Final

Ms. Linda (Kim) McCabe - Content Specialist, 7th Grade English - email 

 Ms. Keri Beswick, Digital Literacy - email

Ms. Adrienne Calhoun, 8th Grade English - email   

Ms. Melanie Carbine, Academic Literacy - email 

  Ms. Charmagne Cole, Digital Literacy - email  

  Ms. Na'shea English, Reading Intervention - email  

  Ms. Alethea Felton, 8th Grade English - email  

  Ms. Hannah Hartman, 6th Grade English - email  

  Ms. Rochelle Hawes, 6th Grade English and Academic Literacy - email  

Dr. Jenise Leach, 7th Grade English and Digital Literacy - email

Ms. Jennifer Lefflbine-White, Digital Literacy and Reading Intervention - email 

Ms. Gursimaran (Simran) Mattu, 6th Grade English - email 

Ms. Diona (D.D.) Paige, 8th Grade English, STEM, and Academic Literacy - email 

Mr. Sean Palmer, 7th Grade English - email 

Ms. Camille Vendemia, 6th Grade English and Digital Literacy - email 



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