About Woodfield ES

School History

Woodfield Elementary School has long been a part of the Woodfield community. For over a century, in three different locations, it has been a place of learning for the children in the surrounding area.

A look into the history of Woodfield Elementary School reveals that it is rich and varied, dating back to 1865. The first schoolhouse, a one room schoolhouse, was actually named Duvalls School. This school sat between the Thompson and Duvall property, and was located just to the east of the intersection of Sweepstakes Road and Woodfield Road. Country school records provide a notation of fire damage at this location in 1884.

The school was moved to its second location when the county purchased an acre of land from George Woodfield. This lot was located where the present school currently stands. Records show that this school, opened in 1884, was a one room schoolhouse. It measured 27 feet by 28 feet and boasted seven windows.

The third location for Woodfield School occurred in 1920 when a new school was built at the northern corner of Woodfield School Road and Woodfield Road. This new building had one room accommodating the first through seventh grades. It was not uncommon for one teacher to teach all grades. In 1928, a second room was added to the school. Due to the decline in enrollment, Woodfield School was closed and dismantled in 1935. At this time, all students were transported to Damascus Elementary School.

In 1962, due to the growth of the community, the present school was built and opened back at the second school site with eight classrooms and a capacity of 240 students. The school was noted to be the first all-electric school in the nation. Six additional rooms and the library were added to the school in 1967, increasing the capacity to 380 students. The school underwent major remodeling and expansion in 1984. Today, Woodfield has twenty three classrooms, media center, computer lab, gymnasium, and an all-purpose room increasing the capacity of the school to 538 students.

Over a span of more than a century, Woodfield Elementary School has expanded and has become an integral part of the community.