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Below are a number of websites that we are hoping will trigger some interest and discussion – you might enjoy the suggested content, or you might find you’ve come upon a new site that you will tap into throughout the next school year for ideas for teaching with your children. You’ll find that some are videos, some are lectures, and some are websites that you might tap into to explore further. More resources, The link is posted after the short blurbs.

Please also see the Wood Acres PTA website, for more educational games, including links to typing resources! 


Internet Safety:  



Math 5:


Dan Meyer: Math class needs a makeover:

Math and Reading practice ideas:

This really has everything imaginable – newspapers from across the country, children’s book reviews, adult book reviews, teacher blogs, author interviews, and far more.  There’s a lot in this one, with ideas you might like personally as well as professionally.

This is a link/review about a new book by Carol Dweck entitled “Mindset” about how mindsets affect success and achievement.  In addition to the content blurbs about the book, I like the related links listed on the left-hand column.

If the above interested you, this is more of the same – the inverse effects of praise, and mindsets.

STEM:  Interview with Freeman Hrabowski, President of UMBC

Encouraging students to be better listeners

Common Core State Standards – see what they are, and ideas for extra practice and ideas

George Lucas and Daniel Goleman (author of Emotional Intelligence a few years back) dsicuss Academic and Social-Emotional Education.   You may start hearing more about this, as the topic interests Dr. Starr.

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