Westland Middle School - Westland Pantry

Westland Middle School has started a food pantry for those in our school community. Sign up online for the 2023-2024 school year using this Google Form.

Westland Pantry offers students and families in need access to some additional food and other basic necessities.  From time to time many families in our community could use a little extra help and this school-based initiative, a valued point of pride for Westland, enables the entire Westland community to work together to provide this type of additional support.  The Westland Pantry stocks individual food and toiletry items that students can select based on the needs of their families. 


Click below to Read Ms. Serino's Message about the Food Pantry and how you can apply for assistance or to see how you can help.

(This letter is both in English and Spanish)


Click Here to see a list of Desired items in English

Click Here to see a list of Desired items in Spanish