Second Grade Podcasts 2016

Our second graders researched a biome.  They researched animals, landscape, and climate of a biome.  Students retold a folktale or fairytale using their knowledge of that biome.  Click on the titles to listen to some of our students's podcasts introducing their story.


Ms. Dhora       Mrs. Jansen      Ms. Martin       Ms. Retzos        Mrs. Tehrani       Mrs. White-Cooper     

Ms. Dhora

Impalocks and the Three Leopards DM

 The Three Little Fish KW

Lionrella UG

Little Red Riding Impala JP

Little Red Zebra BQ

The Three Little Elephants NT

The Three Little Pata Monkeys EL

Three Pata Monkeys CC

Three Pata Monkey MQ

Zebralocks and the Three Giraffes HJ

Zebralocks and the Three Lions MP

Zebralocks KD

Zebrella MC


Mrs. Jansen 

 The Three Fish LF

The Three Little Fish KW

Armadilla JR

Little White Duckyhood TT

Platerella DH

The Three Fish LF

The Three Pata Monkeys EM

 The Three Pata Monkeys JC

 Three Little Rattlesnakes AC 

 Three Pata Monkeys KG

Timmy Turtle MM 

Ms. Martin

   Cinderella GC


Ms. Retzos


Three Little Jerboas CS

 Little Red Spider Monkey ZO 

Pandalocks MR

The Anaconda KA

Three Anacondas AM

Three Anacondas JC

Three Anacondas KJ

Goldibear HC

Goldifox AY 

Goldihare RS

Little Red Penguin DS

Penguinlocks PN

Puffinlocks NP

Sparxyrella RP

The Rodents JH

The Little Snails SG

Wolferella XC