About Our School


The Twinbrook Elementary School community's vision is to empower all students to think critically and creatively while reaching academic success in a trusting, positive, safe, and supportive environment.


Twinbrook Elementary School Community's mission is to build relationships, work collaboratively, provide rigorous differentiated instruction, and support all to achieve their full potential to become lifelong learners.

Currently, Twinbrook staff and students focus on being ready for the RM Way. This means being completely prepared for Richard Montgomery High school. Students will excel to be safe, nice, and hard-working throughout their duration at Twinbrook while being successful in critical literacy and math skills. This is called the “RM Ready skills!” Also, the Twinbrook community strives for each student to learn and use effective social skills to help them contribute to an enjoyable school experience each day and have the skills needed to problem-solve when challenges arise.

Cluster Information

Twinbrook Elementary is part of the Richard Montgomery Cluster.  Twinbrook students will enter Julius West Middle School and then attend Richard Montgomery High School.