Moukdahanh Southivong


General and Choral Music in Elementary School

Learning Links

Eek! Shark! Music name arcade game  

A fun fast-paced note reading game. Make sure you select the treble clef and hold down the spacebar on your keyboard to catch coins.



A simple and fun way to create your own songs. Use beatbox rhythms, sung, hummed, and whistled samples to put together your own creation! is an excellent resource for third grade and up. You can learn and practice reading notes and reading music. These are skills that start in third grade but carry on through middle school, high school, and even into college.


The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra

A fun game based around the instruments of the orchestra. Register a free username and password, and enjoy the game! Some games are accessible to all students, while harder puzzles may be suited for older students.


Classics for Kids

Virtual Keyboard

San Francisco Symphony Kids Site